Awful Sports Fan Sign Fails

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2013

Awful Sports Fan Sign Fails

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    "Hold up, man. Is it 'beleive' or 'believe'?"

    "Uh oh."

    Indeed, despite the best laid plans of mice and fans, we all end up making mistakes. Fortunately for most of us, our misspellings and grammatical goof-ups aren't shellacked onto construction paper and displayed on national television.

    These occasions do arise, however, and when a sign covered in typos and other errors appears on TV, it will be mocked.

    The following are some of the worst fan sign fails in recent memory. Some are worse than others, but they're all beautiful botch-jobs in their own way.

    Step back, everyone—the Grammar Hammer is about to drop. 

14. The Saints Beat the 'Gaints'

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    Remember hand grenades? The ones you drink?

    I've got a five spot that says two of those bad boys were the driving force behind the giant spelling mistake on this Saints fan's poster.

    The "Gaints" sounds more like a squad of gallant (but humble) British vigilantes than an NFL franchise.

13. Go 'Abuurn'!

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    There's one rule when it comes to body painting letters on your chest—no switching seats.

    These Auburn fans probably started the game in order, but you know how things go. One guy leaves to go to the bathroom and a picture is taken before he can make it all the way back to his seat. 

    That being said—don't pose before you're in formation, guys.

12. Chalk Up an 'M' for the Cubbies

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    Ah—the upside down "W." Simple, elegant and wrong.

    This Cubs fan meant well, but failed with his execution on the "W" banner. The only way this would be acceptable is if 10 more guys were on his left holding up lower case "m" signs. 

    I could chuckle at a giant "Mmmmmmm" line in the stands.

11. 'Teexas' Is for Misspellers

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    It almost seems impossible, but somehow these Texas Rangers fans managed to design this Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez sign, print it out on a huge plotter printer and make it to the ballpark without noticing they had spelled "Texas" with two "E"'s.

    Dumb George Michael! Dumb!

    GIF via Tumblr

10. How 'Bout Them 'DWAGS

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    The likely byproduct of Rumplemintz and enthusiasm, this Georgia sign made an appearance at the SEC Championship game in December 2012. 

    Granted, "DWAGS" could just be a reference to the wives and/or girlfriends of the Georgia Bulldogs players. Or not at all.

9. Go 'Payton'!

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    It's common advice for spelling bee participants—if you're not sure, just sound it out.

    This method often works, but not in this case.

    Denver Broncos fans were jazzed up to welcome Peyton Manning to Denver in 2012—so much so that they neglected to double-check the spelling of that tricky first name of his.

8. Raiders Fan Misspells Tribute to Al Davis

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    He missed a few words, but the general sentiment of this Raiders fan's sign still rang true.

    The sign cried "We lov yo, Al. You wer teh best."

7. I Hope 'Your' Sorry for Making That Sign

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    The Cleveland Browns have enough problems on the field. Lord knows they don't need this kind of fan PR in the stands.

    I don't mean to throw Browns fans in the Grammar Gulag—Lord knows I've made my fair share of mistakes in my writing—but apostrophes need love, too.

6. A-Rod Is Such a 'Looser'

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    General Rule: If you're going to take the time to taunt someone with a homemade sign, write it out in pencil first.

    That way you won't end up being this Boston fan, who rightfully tooled on Alex Rodriguez in August but screwed it up with a pointless spelling error.

    Worse yet, he planned the double O's in "Looser." He made them eyes. He gave them a mustache.

5. The Gator 'Trader'

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    Higher education—FTWhy!?

    The College GameDay sign on the left of this image was presumably meant as a jab at the University of Florida, but these Florida State fans botched the snark by confusing the words "traitor" and "trader."

    Instead of an untrustworthy turncloak, their "UNC goat" sounds more like a four-legged traveling merchant.

4. Brazil Fan Gets His World Cup Victories Mixed Up

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    Bandwagon much?

    You can't say he wasn't enthusiastic, but this Brazil fan at the 2010 World Cup messed up big time with this hastily made fan sign.

    By the looks of it, the fan was trying to tout his team's past World Cup titles (and forecast a win in 2010). Unfortunately for him, only one of the dates on his sign was correct.

    Brazil has won the World Cup five times: 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. This makes his "1998" title claim off by four years. Also, Brazil failed to win it all in 2010. If anything, this man jinxed it.

3. Beating 'Mempis'

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    University of Alabama at Birmingham students had a bone to pick with some of the Memphis players after a basketball game in 2008.

    As you can see, one fan received a nice slap on the face while another held up a misspelled sign taunting "Mempis."

    Clearly, it was a civil occasion brimming with mutual respect between opponents.

2. Infinite 'Jest'

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    The New York Jets and their fans have developed into a self-sustaining ecosystem of laughs over the past several years—a development that began with this fan sign fail.

    These fans didn't know it at the time, but they were creating an enduring symbol of their franchise's struggle to overcome itself when they mixed up letters during a 2008 game.

    They messed up, and can blame no one but themselves.

1. Cheerleaders Aren't 'Responsable' for Spelling Errors

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    Hoover High School is a football juggernaut in the state of Alabama.

    The program has won seven state titles since 2000 and is constantly ranked among the best high school football teams in the nation.

    That being said, their cheerleaders may need to pep up during English class. The cheer squad kicked off the 2013 high school football season by misspelling "responsible" in 500-point font on a giant tear-away sign.

    I applaud them for sounding it out—it's not like construction paper comes with spell check—but come on, ladies. You're better than that.


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