Bruins-Hurricanes: Boston Contributes to the Other 29 Percent

Greg SheehanCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

The team that scores first in a Game Seven wins 71 percent of the time.

Game Seven of the Bruins-Hurricanes playoff series took place here in Boston last night and a grueling series, as well as the Bruins season came to a close toward the end of the first overtime period.

It was early on when I found optimism, when Byron Bitz scored with 7:42 remaining in the first period.

But like jinxing a no-hitter the local channel New England Sports Network gave us a stat at the bottom of the screen during the next face off;

The team that scores first in a Game Seven wins 71 percent of the time.

So ever the eternal Boston pessimist even with so much recent success I spent the next few minutes considering how comfortable I was with a 29 percent chance that our season would end by the time the TD Banknorth Garden cleared out.

Ending a season is a pretty substantial event, and 29 is a large chunk of 100.

For example; if you were to watch 29 percent of Caddyshack, you would certainly lose your mind in laughter and catch some classic scenes.

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If you are going to jump off a building onto a soft set of mattress but you have a 29 percent chance of breaking your neck, would you do it?

No, you wouldn’t feel comfortable with that other 29 percent. It's a lot.

So before that first period came to a close Carolina had tied up the game and I was looking for the statistic for the team that gives up the lead in the first period in Game Seven.

To fast forward to the very end of a hard fought, intense series, Carolina seemed to have a bit more gas in the tank and took Game Seven from us on home ice. After leading the series three games to one, Carolina withstood everything that Boston had and hung on just long enough to walk away with the win.

Today, on an overcast spring day in Boston the sky over the Black and Gold is a bit gloomier but we all tip our hat to the erstwhile Hartford Whalers against Pittsburgh. If they win that series they play the winner of the Detroit-Chicago series in the West.

I give them a 29 percent chance to win the Cup based on the way they played Boston, which is a good percentage with four teams left.

Sure it doesn’t sound like a lot, but...29 percent happens.

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