NBA Throwback Jerseys We Want Resurrected Next Season

Luke Petkac@@LukePetkacFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2013

NBA Throwback Jerseys We Want Resurrected Next Season

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    It's always fun to see NBA teams wearing throwback jerseys. Even if the jerseys are downright ugly (and let's be honest, lots of them are), they're at least something different, and they grant fans a peek at that team's history. It's a nice treat when they're broken out.

    Teams generally only wear a few throwback jerseys a year though (if at all), which means there are tons that we don't get to see for a very, very long time. Keeping that in mind, here are a few jerseys that would be great to see resurrected next season.

Honorable Mentions

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    Utah Jazz

    Sure, the cartoon-looking mountain in the background is a little goofy, but the color scheme is awesome, the lettering looks great and this jersey essentially represents the competitive peak of the Utah Jazz.

    Ideally, every member of the Jazz would also be forced to wear the short shorts made popular by John Stockton, but that's probably pretty unlikely. Oh well.

    Dallas Mavericks

    If only so this photo can be recreated with Monta Ellis playing the part of Steve Nash.

No. 12: Atlanta Hawks

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    This is a classic “so bad, it's good” jersey.

    Jerseys with a big picture of the team's namesake were a staple of the mid-'90s, but we can probably all admit that whoever designed this Atlanta Hawks jersey went a little bit overboard vis-a-vis the size of the hawk. Someone probably should have told them that if the animal can't even fit on the entire front of the jersey, it's a bit too big.

    Whatever. While these jerseys may be ugly, goofy and even borderline distracting, I think we can all agree they would be fun to see back again for a few games this season.

No. 11: Denver Nuggets

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    I wouldn't totally blame you if you hate this jersey, but I'm a sucker for it.

    This throwback is from the Denver Nuggets' 1975-76 season in the ABA. The Nuggets actually wore this for a bit in the 2011-12 season, but it's such a fun jersey that it makes the cut anyways.

    There's a lot to like about this particular Nuggets throwback—the color scheme is pretty nice, and it's not too cluttered by a crazy design—but really all that matters is the picture of the gold nugget in the center of the jersey. It looks like a third grader drew it. How it ever made it on to an actual NBA jersey is beyond me, but it's totally endearing all the same.

No. 10: Sacramento Kings

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    There's no point in lying and telling you that this late-'80s Sacramento Kings jersey is the best-looking throwback, because it's not. It's okay, but not at all a real classic. It is, however, a bit unique and that alone makes it worthy of seeing the court next season.

    The powdered blue color of this particular throwback is clearly a significant departure from the current Kings colors. But what really makes it different is the fact that each player's last name is actually placed below the numbers on the back of the jersey rather than above them. That definitely takes some getting used to.

    And if the whole “last name below the numbers” thing didn't convince you that these would be nice to see next season, the thought of DeMarcus Cousins in that shade of baby blue almost definitely will.

No. 9: Detroit Pistons

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    The Detroit Pistons have completely overhauled their roster this season, so why not add to the fun with a crazy throwback?

    According to, these lightning-themed jerseys lasted just three years (and were first worn when the great Dick Vitale was the Pistons head coach), and it's not hard to see why. Though the lightning theme is pretty cool, it doesn't make much sense, and in no universe should the design on a jersey ever continue on to the shorts. It's not a good look.

    Still though, it'd be a fun throwback to try out and would definitely be a radical change from the current set of Detroit jerseys.

No. 8: Brooklyn Nets

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    I promise you, I'm not blind. I more than understand how ugly these Brooklyn Nets (well, New Jersey Nets) throwbacks are. They have to be among the worst jerseys of any sport in history. That's actually why they need to be brought back.

    A few weeks ago, a picture of MarShon Brooks, Kris Humphries and Keith Bogans being introduced as Boston Celtics and looking thoroughly depressed circulated the Internet. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is.

    Anyway, if the Nets brought back whatever these jerseys are supposed to be, you could bet that every single Nets player would have the same expression that Brooks did in that photo for however long they wore the jersey. Just pure depression. That alone would make it worthwhile, right?

    I mean, can you imagine Kevin Garnett wearing that thing? It would be the highest of comedy. This needs to happen.

No. 7: Atlanta Hawks

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    Now here we actually have a good Atlanta Hawks throwback jersey. How about that?

    This jersey is a bit more simple than the one shown earlier (the understatement of the century), and that's a huge plus in this case. The color scheme isn't fantastic (red and yellow together tend to be “meh."), but the white slash across the front of the jersey gives it a pretty unique feel.

    Particularly cool is the fact that the back of the jersey has the same white slash across it where the player's name is. It's not often you see any amount of creativity go into the back of a jersey, and it's a really nice touch, all things considered.

    Watching the current Hawks play in these jerseys probably wouldn't be quite as nice as getting to watch "The Human Highlight Film” Dominique Wilkins like back in the day, but it'd still be something to see.

No. 6: Denver Nuggets

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    The Denver Nuggets have a much yellower version of this classic (no idea what's going on in that photo), but it's hard to beat the original.

    Seriously, just look at the colors on that thing. They're unbelievable. They just don't make uni's like that anymore, and while that's probably for the best, sometimes it's nice to see a jersey so colorful that it may actually blind spectators. Okay, maybe “nice” isn't the right word, but it's definitely an interesting experience.

    This probably isn't a throwback you'd want to see for an entire season, but it would definitely be great to have it appear in a game or two this coming year.

No. 5: Portland Trail Blazers

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    Even if you're not a fan of vertical lettering on jerseys (and that definitely can be hit or miss), you have to admit that these Portland Trail Blazers throwbacks are nice.

    Not only is the font that spells out “blazers” pretty cool, but the jersey's bright red color with the black and white trim looks awesome. The Trail Blazers logo is nowhere in sight, and in this case, that's a good thing—it would have taken away from the simplicity that makes this throwback so good.

    Portland's trotted out some cool jerseys as of late—the “Rip City” ones are particularly fantastic—and bringing back these old '70s uniforms would be a nice addition. Plus, it's just another chance to remind everyone of Bill Walton's all-around brilliance. And we all want that.

No. 4: Orlando Magic

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    According to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel (via Beyond The Buzzer), the Orlando Magic actually will be sporting these jerseys next season. Which is great news, because the original Magic jerseys are among the best in any sport.

    It's hard to say why pinstripes aren't more common in the NBA, but they sure look great against the black coloring on this jersey. If there's one gripe you could make here, it'd be the star where the “A” should be in “Orlando.” It seems entirely unrelated to the whole “magic” theme, but that's just picking nits anyways.

    This is one of the best throwbacks ever, and it's good to see that it will be back next season.

No. 3: Chicago Bulls

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    The Chicago Bulls' best throwback is probably the black jersey with red pinstripes that the team wore in the late 1990s. But since the current Chicago team still wears those jerseys a fair amount, let's go with the ones pictured above instead.

    If you're a fan of whacky designs and huge logos, then this probably isn't the jersey for you, but the “less is more” crowd has to love it. The cursive script used to write “Chicago” looks amazing, and the darker red color and off-center player numbers give it a classic feel that even the pinstriped uniforms can't match.

    Norm Van Lier (pictured above) and the Bulls of the '70s never could quite capture a title, but their uniforms ranked among the best in the league. Love to see them back on the court this season.

No. 2: Cleveland Cavaliers

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    These Cleveland Cavaliers throwbacks bear a striking resemblance to what the New York Knicks wear, but to be honest, they're even better.

    The jersey's orange lettering obviously looks fantastic in contrast to the blue, but what really makes it is the basketball scoring on the “V” in “Cavs.” It's simple, but looks stunning. It's also pretty cool that the jersey plays up the “Cavs” nickname rather than going with the full “Cavaliers.”

    It'd be great to see these next season, but in all honesty, as long as Cleveland doesn't whip out these bad boys, everything will be okay.

No. 1: Golden State Warriors

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    One of the greatest jerseys ever. Hands down. Why don't the Golden State Warriors just wear these things all the time? It's crazy.

    There's tons to like about this throwback. The colors. “The City” curling across the top. The Golden Gate Bridge logo. The cable car that encloses the number on the back of the jersey.

    The Warriors could lose games by hundreds of points and still look like the best and coolest team on the planet as long as they were wearing these jerseys. They're perfection.