How High Can You Go? Top Five Highest Recent Pitching Legkicks

Shanan H.Analyst IMay 7, 2009

CINCINNATI - APRIL 09:  Bronson Arroyo #61 of the Cincinnati Reds throws a pitch during the game against the New York Mets at Great American Ball Park on April 9, 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

You try getting your leg all the way up there.  It's hard.

Many pitchers, even from recent times, have had insanely high leg kicks. Kids like El Duque and Bronson Arroyo baffled hitters with how high their respective, towering legs could go.

Of all of the names to sift through, here are the top five:

5. Chris Volstad:

People sometimes overlook how high this reliever's kick is when coming from the stretch.  He has shortened it recently, however, to prevent steals. 

4. Bronson Arroyo:

Featured at the top, his delivery brings his leg way out and up, and actually looks painful.

3. Tim Lincecum:

He throws like the old guys—winds up far back, sticking his leg in the air. Cool motion, but it'll throw out his arm.

2. Dontrelle Willis:

Willis, who has been forgotten down in the minors, has a very high kick.  He has issues with repeating it, and that has gotten him into trouble.

1. Orlando (El Duque) Hernandez

When he throws, you cannot see his face. It disappears behind his leg. His signature leg kick has caused some toe problems recently, however.

Agree, disagree?  Did I forget someone?  Comment!

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