Giants 6, Cubs 2: Attack of the Killer Freak

Damen JacksonCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

Filed: May 5, 2009

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Now, let me ask you. If I told you that not only were you going to see Bobby Scales, Koyie Hill, Joey Gathright, Aaron Miles, and Micah Hoffpauir not only in the same lineup, but against reigning NL Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum, what would you normally think?

Personally, I wondered if someone had either moved the island, and took us all back to Spring Training, or Lou Piniella started his Cinco De Mayo festivities early. Whatever the reason, the results were exactly what you'd expect, as the Giants handily beat the Cubs 6-2 Tuesday.

I know. Lose the battle, win the war. With the Cubs cast of walking wounded, it made some sense to rest a few guys, with this 1:20 start after a night game. But everybody?

The funniest part was the fanbase at the park, which I suspect was more the businessman type. Everyone in the section was asking, "Is Soriano injured"? You can insert eye roll and snicker .

What wasn't funny was Lincecum, who dazzled in his seven innings of work. Honestly, he could have finished this game with no problem at all. He was popping nasty sliders, and 95 MPH fastballs like a machine into the seventh; at which point that fastball began to taper off to a ho-hum 92.

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Didn't matter though. A three-run Bengie Molina home run in the first put the Giants up early, and against a cast of AAA and AAAA players, that was plenty. The Cubs would make it a bit interesting when a Sean Marshall RBI single in the fifth brought the Cubs within one, but that was about the best that they could do.

And why? Once again, that bullpen was a mess. This time the goat was Jeff Samardzija, who not only has been a huge disappointment since his big-league return, but also now has the Cubs hinting that he may yet again spend some nights in his Iowa apartment.

His rough stint in the eighth would allow three to score for the Giants, leaving Lou with this to say after the game:

"Samardzija needs to work on his second and third pitches. It's hard to pitch up here with a fastball only."

May I live to see the day that the Cubs starting teaching their touted pitching prospects a curveball.

Oh, and talk about living the dream. Congrats to Bobby Scales, career minor-leaguer of 11 seasons. Not only did he play in his first big-league game, but also started, and got his first hit -- off of the current Cy Young winner. This is probably as good as it gets for Scales, but he made The Show. You got to love it.