Father and Son: The Barry Bonds You Don't Know

Keith RaffelCorrespondent IAugust 6, 2007

IconHere's what impressed me most about Barry Bonds' record-tying 755th home run on Saturday: the reaction of his son. 


Conventional wisdom says Bonds' record will be tainted by his alleged steroid use. I don't want to get into that too much here. 


One can only speculate as to why Bonds has become the focal point for the anti-steroid crusade—especially given how many other players, including a number of media favorites, are almost certainly guilty. 


I've also heard from the friend of a baseball pitcher that steroids are more common among hurlers than hitters. In fact, the pitcher who gave up Bonds' 755th had himself been suspended for steroid use.


Neither the Babe nor Hammerin' Hank ever had to deal with that. 


But back to my point:  A few years ago, in the summer before Bonds' father Bobby passed away, I was walking down a corridor at a local hospital. There came Barry supporting his dad, the two of them hobbling past me.


I nodded, subtly, and Barry returned the gesture. 


At a time when Bonds was being castigated for not hanging around the locker room and not talking to the media...where was he? 


Visiting his dying father in the hospital, providing him with support.


Just like a good son should.

When Barry crossed the plate on Saturday, his 17-year-old son leaped into his arms—and Barry just held him.


Say what you want about the man as a ballplayer—as a father and a son, he seems to have his values straight.