Will LeBron James Be in Cleveland Next Season?

Kyle Strittholt@Man0fSteel94Correspondent IMay 5, 2009

LeBron James is clearly one of the best players in the NBA, and also one of the best athletes of this generation. He’s taken a team that hasn’t achieved greatness and put them in a position for great things.

This year's MVP of the National Basketball Association, LeBron James, is truly a “king” of basketball.

Throughout the season, there have been rumors of James leaving Cleveland and going to another team. The question is, are these rumors true?

When you look at the chemistry James has with his coach and his teammates, it is hard to believe he would go anywhere else besides Cleveland, but chemistry doesn’t keep the players paid.

The only reason I can see James possibly leaving the Cavaliers is to make more money. Major sports in America are more business than anything, which is a large reason why many people gravitate toward college sports.

Leaving Cleveland would do nothing to diminish what James has accomplished with the Cavs. In fact, his resume may look even better if he took a team like the New York Knicks to the Finals.

The big flaw in this rumor is that James has yet to finish what he started. The Cavs are the best team in the NBA this season, but they haven’t won the Championship yet.

If the Cavs do win the Championship, it is more likely that James will leave Cleveland than if they lose.

But, he still has to get past Atlanta, Boston or Orlando, and most likely the Los Angeles.

James is the best young player in the league, but he was born and raised in Ohio. It’s going to take a lot for someone to take him out of his home state.

If there is one thing to notice about James, it's that he’s a perfectionist. He hates to lose and wants to be in the position he is in right now. To think he wants to go to another team and restart everything from scratch is crazy.

If the Cavaliers win this year, it could be the start of James’s dynasty in Ohio.

I personally think he will stay in Cleveland, and it’s the Cavs' job to ensure he spends the rest of his career there as the face of the franchise.

When you think of the Bulls, you think of Jordan. For the Lakers, it’s Kobe. Now, with the Cavaliers, it’s LeBron.

Cleveland can’t let him walk out the door. They should pay him what he wants because he’s worth it.


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