Roast of Marvin Lewis Benefiting Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Zane DanielsCorrespondent IMay 4, 2009

CINCINNATI - 2008:  Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals poses for his 2008 NFL headshot at photo day in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Getty Images)

Tonight Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis got the razzing of a lifetime by local celebrities and personalities.

The Outback Steakhouse Roast of Marvin Lewis featured countless interesting auction items and a live auction hosted by former Bengals Dave Lapham and Anthony Munoz.

Among the items auctioned off by Lapham and Munoz were: passes for the Red's Budweiser Suite, Jimmy Buffett tickets, and a Golf outing with Marvin Lewis.

Thousands of dollars were raised during the auction for the Big Brother Big Sister organization of Cincinnati.

The roast panel was manned by the owner of Montgomery Inn, Dean Gregory, the CEO of Cincinnati Bell, Jack Cassidy, WCPO Sports Director, Dennis Janson, NBC analyst and former Bengal, Cris Collinsworth, and WKRC Sports Director and Bengals radio commentator, Brad Johansen.

Political correctness and friendly jesting were put aside during the roast.

Here are a few of the more mild quotes. Keep in mind these are jokes and were not meant in earnest by the roast panelists, but to help raise money for children:

"I got this gig on the roast panel because the other five guys they asked to do this haven't gotten out of jail in time," Johanson said.

"I hope they do better this year, and I know Marvin is working hard to remove 'Fumble right', 'Fumble left' and my favorite 'Drop back and fall over' from the playbook," Johanson said.

"You may not know this, but Marvin has started a men's fragrance business," Cassidy said. "It's different because you put on the fragrance and the other team scores."

"I thought the best move of the draft was the selection of the punter Kevin Huber because, honestly, who punts more than the Bengals?" Collinsworth said.

Johanson out performed most of the panelists with his sometimes cringe inducing jokes and deadpan delivery.

Collinsworth got fancy and employed video clips to poke fun at the Bengals.

Pictures of Lewis during his childhood were often shown during the roast and one stood out above all others.

During his playing days at Idaho State, Lewis sported one of the most impressive Afro's I have ever seen.

Following over an hour of harassment by his friends and colleagues, Lewis finally had a chance to fire back at the other jesters in attendance.

"Brad's broadcasting partner is Dave Lapham," Lewis said. "When Brad and Dave stand next to each other they form the number ten."

"I was going to make fun of Munoz, but he struck me a deal on a sofa bed," Lewis said.

"I coached Merril and sometimes you meet someone who makes an impact in your life and influences you in a great way," Lewis said. "Thank God Merril met me."

The event was held in the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati with an open bar, which I did not allow to go unused. It had fantastic food and each table had complimentary Marvin Lewis Bobbleheads.

Lewis's mother and father were seated in the front row along with Bengals assistant coach Jay Hayes.

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Jordan Palmer was also in attendance and, although I didn't see them, the Brown family was also apparently in the building.

The event was thoroughly enjoyable and an amazing amount of generosity was displayed by the large crowd.

It goes largely unnoticed how much of an impact Marvin Lewis has had in the Cincinnati community, but there's no doubt he's a man who cares deeply for the children of Cincinnati.

Here's a link to the Big Brother/Big Sister organization of Cincinnati.

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