MLS Should Listen to Jose Mourinho

Lars HansonAnalyst IMay 4, 2009

NAPOLI, ITALY - APRIL 26:  Jose Mourinho coach of Inter reacts during the Serie A match between Napoli and Inter at the Stadio San Paolo on April 26, 2009 in Napoli, Italy.  (Photo by New Press/Getty Images)

The Seattle Sounders FC will be used for examples in this article.

Mourinho said in an interview a few months back that the MLS should change, which I agree with.

He listed the following things....

1) Two European players on each team
2) No salary cap
3) More European coaches

I agree with Mourinho.

Seattle has a European mindset; they signed Ljungberg and Keller ( American who played in Europe).

I like the no salary cap idea.

I mean really, the MLS is holding itself back. They could be a top league in about five or more years if they wanted to.

Garber cares a lot about the quality of the ownership, so why not reward them with no salary cap?

And because most of these Owners are smarter than the NASL ones, who screwed it up?

Think about this...take out the DP rule, which is really stupid for the league because basically your setting a team up to fail.

If the league wants to be great they need to get rid of the cap. Look at the top European teams.

You don't see them with a cap.

Imagine Seattle with this realistic team.

Montero (sign him to a DP like contract, six years 20-30 million), Ljungberg and possibly Henry, or Shunsuke Nakamura who's contract is up at the end of the year.

It would be great for the league because they can have the college players be drafted and learn from top Euro players, they can have a great future in the MLS and, at the same time, have top Euro talent on the team.

Now something Mourinho didn't include, but that I have a problem with is that with or without (please without) the top college players—all need to be signed/drafted.

MLS has this thing called Generation Adidas which is a project aimed at raising the level of young soccer talent in the United States.

The program, sponsored by Adidas, encourages early entry (without college graduation) of American players into MLS.

I think, for example, all of the top college or before college soccer players should get a generation Adidas contract. That way top U.S. soccer talent stays here instead of going to Europe.

Now the last thing the MLS should focus on is bringing top young South American players into the MLS.

Seattle brought in John Kennedy Hurtado DF and Fredy Montero FW, and they have done great.

In order for the MLS to be a top league in the world they need to bring top Euro players over, have great U.S generation Adidas young players, some top young south American players, and current MLS players all combined.

Like the Seattle sounders FC for example..

Some good South American players that the MLS could look at to build up the league are...

MF Daniel Sanchez-Peru-19. Seven goals in 45 appearances for Sporting Cristal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_San ... footballer)

FW Junior Aliberti-Uruguay-24. Three goals in six appearances for Sporting Cristal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junior_Aliberti

FW Daud Gazale-Chile-24. Seven goals in 15 games for colo-colo.

Those three players are just examples of what the MLS should try and bring in.

So, lets put this into play and use Seattle Sounders FC as an example.

This is without salary cap, two European players on each team and top college players being a part of Generation Adidas and top South American players.

Here is what the Sounders FC could look like....



MF Daniel Sanchez (one of the young SA players), GK Chris Eylander (a good young American player brought up), DF Zach Scott (same as eyelander), DF Tyson Wahl (same as Scott), FW Sebastien Le Toux (same as Wahl), MF Sanna Nyassi (signed from Gambia, a good MLS player), FW Jarrod Smith (same as Le Toux), and Roger Levesque (good experience as a leader).

SO, using that as an example, that would be a great starting 11 and a great bench with players than can step in if needed.

That would be a great look for any MLS team.

Thierry Henry,Ljungberg, and Keller qualify as Euro players.

Zakuani is a GA player.

Montero and Hurtado are top South American players.

SO, having that kind of mentality in the MLS can really help this league:

No salary cap, two to three top European players, two to three top South American players, and good experienced MLS players.

Any team could win with that mentality.


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