GM Billy Beane, Do All A's Fans A Favor and Fire Oakland Manager Bob Geren

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IMay 4, 2009

TOKYO - MARCH 21:  GM Billy Beane of Oakland Athletics attends Ricoh MLB Opening Series press conference at Tokyo Dome on March 21, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. Boston Red Sox and Oakland Athletics plays their opening games in Tokyo on March 25 and 26. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

Billy Beane needs to take responsibility for his putrid hiring of Bob Geren he should say "I made a mistake, I take full responsibility for the hire and now I'm going to fix the problem."

What this really means is that Beane should be firing manager Geren as soon as the A's return home on Monday. Geren could go down as the worst manager in Oakland history.

It's been unbearable to watch Geren make countless questionable decisions over and over again. Sure the excuse can be made that the A's were in rebuilding mode but still there's no excuse for the decisions that Geren has made.

These decisions have countlessly hurt the Athletics and have lead to countless losses. For example what was Geren thinking leaving Gio Gonzalez in after the A's took a 7-4 lead in the top of the 13th against the Seattle Mariners.

Gonzalez shouldn't have even been allowed to start the inning instead he gave up three runs in the inning and the game continued.

Furthermore the game should have been ended in nine innings, but Geren made one of the worse moves he's ever made by putting in Russ Springer into close the ball game.

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That is the ultimate head scratcher. Why Springer? Springer doesn't have the make up to close ball games out and it was proven when he gave up the game tying homerun to Kenji Johjima.

That decision ultimately cost Josh Outman his first victory of the year and Outman had a great start. He went six innings gave up two runs struck out five and walked one.

Geren's style would get him clobbered in the business world and is what is getting the A's clobbered as well. The style that Geren is what is known as the "country club" style where Geren is more concerned about caring for his players than the actual production.

It is absolutely clear that Geren cares about his players but the production since he arrived has not been what it has needed to be. The A's offense continues to be one of the worst offenses in baseball.

Will Beane ever take responsibility for the poor hiring of Geren? No. He never will and it's sad because Geren has been flat out terrible as the manager of the Oakland A's and unfortunately for A's fans Geren's contract was actually extended by Beane.for apparently doing a good job when he's actually been flat out pathetic!

This has to be one of the worst moves Beane has ever made. He got rid of Art Howe and Ken Macha who didn't do that badly as an A's manager.

So the question has become what is Beane watching to gauge how Geren is doing? It's obviously not on win-loss record, it's not about how Geren reads the scouting report of players, it's not based on when Geren leaves a pitcher in too long, etc....

Which makes me curious what is Beane using that shows that the young A's are improving? Too me the answer is there hasn't been any improvement there's been a terrible regression of the A's under Geren and it won't change until Geren is gone.

How are the young A's pitchers going to gain confidence if they are not used properly usually because Geren leaves the pitcher in too long or putting them into situations where they shouldn't be left in or put into.

Unfortunately for A's fans Beane has the ultimate say and hopefully this game today will open the eyes of Beane and realize just how bad of a job Geren actually does and that it's time for him to be shown the pink slip.

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