Playing Keep or Cut with Each of the Philadelphia 76ers' Free Agents

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIJune 13, 2013

Playing Keep or Cut with Each of the Philadelphia 76ers' Free Agents

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    It's almost time for the Philadelphia 76ers to decide on what free agents they decide to cut or keep.

    New general manager Sam Hinkie is coming from the Houston Rockets where he completely turned them from a bottom-dweller into a playoff team, so can he do the same with Philadelphia?

    His approach will most likely be similar to the one he took in Houston, so we need to look at the list of the Sixers free agents from his perspective.

    What would Hinkie do?

    Let's play keep or cut with each of those free agents.

Charles Jenkins

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    Charles Jenkins struggled with acclimating to life as a member of the Sixers, and there isn't much of a reason to believe that anything would change if given a second chance.

    He only saw action in 12 games, which has to suggest that Philly never felt comfortable with putting him on the court.

    There isn't any kind of relationship between Jenkins and the organization, so staying together doesn't make sense. As far as keeping him or not, this decision is an easy one.

    Decision: Cut

Royal Ivey

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    Earlier this year, I wrote an article giving grades to each member of the Sixers, and I went a little hard on Royal Ivey. One of the readers commented on the article and specifically discussed what I said about Ivey.

    I have had some time to think about it, and I have to say that I agree with what the comment said.

    It talked about how I was too tough on him. I focused too much on the stats and not enough on what he brings to the floor. You know that he's going to bring intensity and a defensive presence to the court. No, he won't put up big point totals or dish the ball out at a high level, but he will bring energy.

    Ivey is a 31-year-old veteran who will be on an NBA roster next year.

    Philadelphia is where that place should be.

    Decision: Keep

Nick Young

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    Nick Young deserves some credit for how he played this year.

    A shooter's mentality needs to be a confident one. Shooters need to know that if they missed the last 10 shots, then their next 10 will go in. Every shot is a new shot in their minds, and it's a difficult concept for certain players to grasp.

    Young isn't one of those players.

    He was brought to Philadelphia in hopes of being a high-scoring sixth man, but that never came to fruition. He struggled to consistently make shots, and it never quite felt like he was comfortable.

    The Nick Young experiment was a fun one while it lasted, but the time has come to let him go.

    Decision: Cut

Damien Wilkins

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    Who would have thought that Damien Wilkins would show some youth toward the end of the season and become a solid contributor to a struggling team? Well, that is exactly what took place.

    Wilkins is the perfect player for Philadelphia to sign to a veteran's minimum contract and move forward with him as a player-mentor for the younger guys.

    Keeping Wilkins is arguably the easiest decision on this list, so expect Philly to make it a reality.

    Decision: Keep

Kwame Brown

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    If the Sixers actually had a choice as to if they could cut all ties with Kwame Brown, then everybody knows what the logical choice would be.

    It just so happens to be Philadelphia's luck that Brown has a player option, though.

    If Brown wants to stay, then he can just agree to the contract and he'll be around for another year. It's frustrating and sad, but this one is up to Brown.

    Decision: Best of Luck to Philly

Dorell Wright

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    Dorell Wright never hesitated to show his willingness to play hard. It started in the first game of the season and continued all the way until the final one.

    Sure, the Sixers were hoping he would get back to the point when he led the league in three-point shooting. A long-ball threat is always welcome, and Wright has shown the ability to knock down threes. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite able to make the same amount of long shots.

    The positive, though, is that he happened to put his hustle on display. Something he never did until this season. Giving him another one-year deal is the smart move here, especially when you consider the fact that Wright is only 27 years old.

    Decision: Keep

Andrew Bynum

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    Andrew Bynum didn't play in any games this year, and there's a chance of him never stepping foot on the floor with a Sixers jersey on.

    The long letter about the Bynosaur's future in Philly is one thing, but the more streamlined version is that he hasn't brought anything but problems to Philadelphia. He has glass knees and difficulty with avoiding the media because of character issues.

    Bynum's run with the Sixers was short but not sweet, and it's time to end it before it goes even further.

    Decision: Cut