Sixers—Magic: Philadelphia Trump Hornets Tank Job

Jason McGovern@maccgizzleCorrespondent IMay 1, 2009

I came home today, amped up to watch my Sixers run the Magic out of the building with neither Hulk Hogan and his big elbow nor starting forward Courtney Lee in the lineup. I even called my mother and had her excited to the point where she at least considered turning the game on at some point tonight. It would have been the first game she's actually watched since "His Airness" was "just do-ing it."

Mom, if you watched, I hope you don't love me less now.

Without 40 percent of their starting rotation, all Orlando did was dominate the game from beginning to end—a game on the road where the crowd spent the entire time sitting on their hands or booing. And who can blame them. If I could have afforded it, I would have thrown my television through the sliding glass door.

All this time we were trying to get Dwight Howard Enterprises on the bench. He's a monster. He's stronger than you, faster than you, and can leap tall buildings in a single bound. So logically, the Orlando Magic played their best game of the series when he wasn't even allowed in the arena.

A while back when the Sixers were tanking the end of the regular season, I wrote that they would continue to tank and not win another game until next season.

Even though I was off by a few wins, it's clear after tonight they surely didn't deserve to win again—a one-point overtime "victory" at Cleveland with the Cavs' starters sitting out and two buzzer beaters this series that we had no business winning.

Ironically, if we had just lost that game to the Cleveland reserves, we would have faced a Boston team that ended up playing without all-star KG.

If this team wants to improve I'm convinced they need to dump Dalembert, who led the league in goal tending, bring in two or three perimeter threats who are good enough to play more than three minutes per game, and steal Davey Jones beating heart.

This is worse than New Orleans' 58 point loss at home. This was a do-or-die game at home, against a team without two of its five starters, one of which has been the most dominating player in the first round—outside of King James.

Congratulations on setting me up for a 25 point loss at home in an elimination game without the opponent's best player. Orlando: 114, Philly: heartless


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