WWE Payback 2013: Why CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho Should Not Happen

SMG@sethguttAnalyst IIMay 28, 2013

Is this the best way to utilize Jericho and Punk at WWE Payback? (photo courtesy of wwe.com)
Is this the best way to utilize Jericho and Punk at WWE Payback? (photo courtesy of wwe.com)

At WWE Payback, CM Punk will return to face Chris Jericho after Punk’s manager, Paul Heyman, accepted the challenge on his behalf. However, this match should not happen at Payback. Punk should be returning in a more substantial way, while a match with Jericho does absolutely nothing for either Superstar.

Just yesterday, before Raw, I wrote about the possibility of Punk never returning to WWE. What a coincidence that later in the evening, we learned of Punk’s return date. However, in that article, I discussed how there wasn’t a lot left for Punk to accomplish in the company. The only Superstar big enough to warrant a return for Punk was Brock Lesnar.

Punk had a feud with Jericho that led to a WrestleMania 28 WWE title match. The roles were reversed, though. Punk was the babyface and Jericho was the heel. It does provide some interest to see them square off with Punk as the heel and Jericho as the face, but there’s another problem with the scenario.

Jericho has virtually done nothing substantial since returning during the Royal Rumble match in January. He continues to put over young talent like Fandango, but he loses a great deal of his matches.

Jericho should be involved in the Intercontinental title feud. He and Fandango are tied with one win each. Wade Barrett has had issues with Jericho, Fandango and the Miz.I proposed a fatal-four way match for Payback and that’s what we should be seeing. However, it looks as though Jericho will be left out of this feud.

Another logical scenario would have been for Heyman to suggest that Curtis Axel face Jericho at Payback. Axel needs a big match and Jericho could help the new Paul Heyman Guy the same way he did for Fandango. That seems to be Jericho’s role in WWE right now. 

The only way for this match to become significant is if something big happens as a result. As fellow Bleacher Report writer, Mike Chiari wrote today, a situation where Heyman turns on Punk would work.

It would allow Punk to turn babyface again and perhaps eventually feud with Lesnar. Jericho would just be used as a middle Superstar to feud with Punk. With Lesnar’s limited available dates, WWE would need to prolong the feud with Punk until a major pay-per-view like SummerSlam.

Punk should be returning in a more surprising way. He should be interfering in Ryback and John Cena’s match. It would put Punk back in the hunt for the WWE title. He has a history with both Cena and Ryback. A triple-threat match between Punk, Cena and Ryback would make sense for Money in the Bank in July.

The match between Punk and Jericho is already announced officially on WWE.com so it is going to happen. Unfortunately, it seems to me that Jericho could have been used elsewhere. At the same time, Punk deserved a much bigger return than Heyman accepting a challenge on the Highlight Reel.

Do you think the CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho match should be happening at WWE Payback? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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