Shaquille O'Neal Set to Launch Own Brand of Soda

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 28, 2013

Shaquille O'Neal can now quench your thirst.

The Hall of Fame-bound four-time NBA champion is launching his own brand of soda, powered by the AriZona Beverage Co. It's called "Soda Shaq," because, why not?

As with anything he does, Shaq isn't breaking into the beverage industry halfway—he's going full throttle.

One flavor would have been enough for some, but with Shaq, you can choose from a vast array of concoctions that are itching to overwhelm your tastebuds.

There's Strawberry Cream, Orange Cream, Vanilla Cream and Blueberry Cream. Save for being made aware of the sugar content, what more could we ask for?

How about a tall can with Shaq's face staring right at you as you gulp down this all-natural beverage of his?

Oh, wait—Soda Shaq has that too.

Kudos to O'Neal for getting it done on this one. Kobe Bryant has endorsed Sprite while Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade and just about everyone else under the sun have paid homage to Gatorade, but Shaq took it one step further: He branded his own drink. That's so amazingly Shaq (read: awesome) of him.

Per the Shaq Daddy himself, these "delicious" canisters will hit stores "very soon."

So get in line, my thirsty friends—as long as what you're jonesing for is 20-plus ounces of Shaq-tastic soda pop.