Hawaiian DE Canton Kaumatule Is No. 1 Recruit in 247Sports' First 2015 Rankings

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIMay 22, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Canton Kaumatule, newly minted 5-star defensive end, is just a rising junior, but he already checks in at nearly 6'7'', 275 pounds. At that size, he has immense potential as a college football recruit.

So much potential, in fact, that the experts at 247Sports have named him the No. 1 recruit in the newly  released Top247 for 2015.

Kaumatule is from Honolulu, Hawaii, and attends Punahou School. Gerry Hamilton of 247Sports reports that Panuahou is the same school that has produced President Barack Obama and former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.

Talk about a legacy of high expectations.

As it stands, Kaumatule only has offers from Utah, UCLA and Hawaii, but according to Hamilton's report, recruiting doesn't seem like much of a priority yet for the new 5-star:

I don’t even worry about recruiting stuff yet. My dad keeps up with most of it, but I haven’t even worried about it since I’m just a sophomore. I know for sure I’m going to the Stanford camp in June. I don’t know of anything else yet because I’m going to summer school to graduate early. I think my first choice is Stanford because my brother Luke. I would like to play with him again, and in college this time. I think second would be Washington. I like places that are green and remind me of Hawaii. I’m going to say Hawaii would be third right now. Close to home is very important to me. Hawaii is very important to me.

For comparison's sake, here's how Kaumatule stacks up physically against past No. 1 recruits at the defensive end position. 

Robert Nkemdiche, the No. 1 recruit in 2013,  is 6'4'', 285 pounds, and Jadaveon Clowney, the No. 1 recruit in 2011,  was 6'5'', 255 pounds. Da'Shawn Hand, 2014's No. 1 strong-side defensive end, is 6'5'', 247 pounds.

As you can see, Kaumatule has similar physical attributes.

As a defensive end, length is everything. At 6'7'' he'll be able to combat even the biggest offensive tackles at the college level. His length will help him engage blockers and create separation, and because of that, he'll have an easier time fighting to keep his outside arm free in an effort to set the edge as a run-defender. Kaumatule will also be able to establish leverage and use his arms as a pass-rusher.

He's a raw athlete with tremendous size and long arms. He plays with good bend in his knees, explosion and has the quickness to come down the line of scrimmage and make a play. He projects to be strong against the run, but he also has the speed to be effective as a pass-rusher.

The sky is truly the limit for Kaumatule, and he's deserving of the No. 1 ranking in 2015.

Note: Preliminary scouting and analysis of Kaumatule done via tape study of highlights provided on his 247Sports profile page.

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