Randy Orton and the 7 WWE Superstars with the Best Dropkicks Today

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 22, 2013

Randy Orton and the 7 WWE Superstars with the Best Dropkicks Today

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    Randy Orton's dropkick is a beautiful flight that ends in violence, one that is among the best in the WWE today.

    The dropkick is a standard move for many pro wrestlers. The attacker lifts him or herself into the air and strikes the opponent with both feet. As banal as the move can be when done in between moonsaults and powerbombs, the great dropkick artists make the move a stunning sight.

    Orton's version is something aspiring WWE stars should study and attempt to match, but it's not the company's best. That spot belongs to a certain championship-wearing show-stealer.

    Ranked here based on the height the attacker achieves, the impact of the kick and the fluidity and beauty of the move as a whole, here are WWE's current dropkick masters.

Honorable Mention

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    CM Punk looks fluid hitting a dropkick, especially the springboard variation, but he doesn't get as much impact with his as the men above him on this list.

    Both Alex Riley and Cody Rhodes have solid versions of the move that are crisp and convincing. Either more grace or more power would have earned them a spot in the top seven.

    Alberto Del Rio delivers a damaging low dropkick with ferocity, but it's not as gorgeous as the ones performed by his peers.

    Tyson Kidd's other moves are more spectacular, but his pretty running dropkick has to be mentioned here.

7. Seth Rollins

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    The high-flying member of The Shield sometimes moves so quickly in and out of the ring that he becomes too much of a blur to distinguish individual moves. Should one catch his dropkick, it's quite a sight to behold.

    Seth Rollins gets excellent height, power and crispness with his move.

    None of those elements of the move are elite-level, but all are impressive, converging together to make one of his most eye-catching weapons.

6. Kofi Kingston

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    As with most of his attacks, Kofi Kingston gets impressive height with his dropkick.

    It's another fluid, jaw-dropping weapon in his arsenal. He looks bird-like as he leaves the ground, his brightly colored boots zipping toward his opponent's head.

    His version is not nearly as hard-hitting as WWE's very best. Kingston's dropkick looks like it stings while the men above him on the list seem to hammer their boots into their foes' jaws.

5. Chris Jericho

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    Based on smoothness alone, Chris Jericho would land much nearer to the top of the list. Both his springboard and missile dropkick are extremely well-executed.

    He doesn't get quite as high as his peers with this move, nor does he clobber his opponents with it as powerfully. Of the 1,004 wrestling moves Jericho claims to know, these two dropkick variations are among his best.

    Placing him here is not an indictment of something he's doing wrong, but instead, it's a testament to the fantastic work other WWE Superstars are doing.

4. Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is capable of grace in the ring, but his running corner dropkick is all about brute force. Other WWE stars have higher and prettier versions of the move, but Bryan's is the most powerful, the most like a sledgehammer being thrown at someone's face.

    With that version of the move or his missile dropkick, Bryan seems to be trying to lodge his boots inside his opponent.

    How much of that is great showmanship and how much is just stiffing his foes is hard to tell. The end result is a move that makes fans cringe right before they clap.

3. Ted DiBiase Jr.

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    Little-used Ted DiBiase Jr. doesn't lack in athletic ability. His excellent dropkick is proof of that.

    Kofi Kingston generally gets more height and hang time with his moves than anyone on the roster, but DiBiase's flight during his dropkicks is often a touch higher than even Kingston's. Whether he is whipping out a standard version or delivering one to an opponent in mid-air, DiBiase couples that height with impressive impact.

    The only thing keeping DiBiase from being higher on the list is that as pretty as his dropkick is, the stars above him have even more picturesque versions.

2. Randy Orton

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    You want to teach a wrestler how to do a dropkick, first have them watch hours and hours of Randy Orton nailing the move.

    The height, the beauty and the power of his version are all top-notch. Whether hitting a standing version or performing one on an opponent in mid-air, Orton's dropkick is awe-inspiring. This is the kind of move you show to newer fans, to prove how artistic and spectacular the world of WWE can be.

    It's not often that one outdoes perfection, but one man does rank higher than Orton here.

1. Dolph Ziggler

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    If Randy Orton's dropkick is a 10 out of 10, then Dolph Ziggler's is a 10.05. Everything that Orton does so masterfully about the move Ziggler does just slightly better.

    Ziggler launches himself into the air with amazing speed and once up there, he cracks his opponent with a thunderous impact. His delivery is stunning.

    With as well as he does this move, it's easy to see why Ziggler is so motivated to be a show-off. His dropkick is always one of the best elements of his matches, a gorgeous and violent tool glittering in his toolbox.