Ahmed Johnson Gives Controversial Interview That Is Sure to Cause a Stir

Kris EazAy@KMEzDoesItCorrespondent IMay 21, 2013

I recently had the opportunity to sit in on an interview on PerfectPlex Radio with the artist formerly known as Ahmed Johnson, Tony Norris, that was conducted by Mike Knoxxx, Chris “Spotface” McClain and Chad Rivera. To say that Norris let it all hang out would be the understatement of the century.

Norris, who rarely does interviews, spoke candidly on a plethora of topics, including his thoughts on Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, HHH, why he never became world champ and the alleged racism he encountered while he worked in WWE.

Norris contends that Vince McMahon is a racist “from the word go” and also states, “But I had no idea of what he was. You know, I always say The best trick the devil ever pulled off was hiding in plain sight. If you read the Bible, everything the devil ever did he didn't hide. He did it in plain sight. That's Vince McMahon.”

While Norris appreciates the fact that he is the first black Intercontinental Champion, he says that he still dealt with racism and that someone keyed a racial slur into his car while he was champ and even put a toy monkey with a noose around its neck in his locker room.

Norris claims that Shawn Michaels forced him to stop doing his more athletic wrestling moves in favor of power moves. “Shawn Michaels called me to his office after a while and said, Ahmed, we need you to stop doing the high flying moves. Here you are doing these one half-gainer moonsaults, stuff that we can't even do but then when we get out there at 180 pounds it makes us look bad because you've already done it at 380 pounds... If you want to continue wrestling with the company you have to stop doing these things.”

He says that Shawn wanted him to do more bear hugs and slams and less high flying moves. He also says that when he was working in the WWE, Michaels had his own office at Titan Towers.

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Norris recounts a story of how the late Ernie Ladd said to him, “You are about to enter the most racist organization you can get into.” Surprised at what Ladd told him, Norris states, “I was freaked out because I was expecting this dude to say 'ay, you've got a good opportunity here, they are gonna take care of you and I love Vince'.”

Norris wasn't all negative as he stated that Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) offered him a great deal of feedback during his matches and helped him out more than any other guy on the roster while he was with WWE.  When asked about The Rock, Norris states that, “The Rock is the best in history on the mic. You will never find another guy like him on the mic.”

However, in perhaps, the most jaw-dropping portion of the interview, Norris recounts a time backstage where The Rock tells members of D-Generation X that his mother had an affair with a white guy and conceived him. Norris states that, “He (The Rock) was denying his black heritage all the way around.” He says The Rock maintained that he was kidding with those guys; however, Norris believes that the Rock was being serious in denying his black heritage. 

In addition to all of this, Norris gives his thoughts on John Cena, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, the late Hawk of the Road Warriors, his brief run in World Championship Wrestling and more. Tony Norris gives a new meaning to “not giving a damn!” This is, without a doubt, the most candid interview we have ever conducted on the BDSIR network. The interview can be found here and starts around the 35:00 mark.  

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