Roster of the Worst MLB Free Agent Contracts from 2000-2004

Josh LevittSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 07:  Jason Giambi, #16 of the Oakland Athletics, smiles during a press conference January 7, 2008 in Oakland, California. After seven years with the New York Yankees, Jason Giambi has returned to the Oakland Athletics, signing a one year deal with a $4 million salary. The A's will have a $6.5 million option for 2010 with a 1.25 million buyout.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It's a tough economy out there. We all know that by now.

But it's obvious to note that baseball is completely different than the real world. I thought it would be fun to make a roster comprised solely of terrible free agent contracts. Contract extensions need not apply.

My original intention was to create a roster made up of the worst free agent contracts of the decade (2000-2009). But teams have given out so many horrific contracts over the years that the only way for me to comprise a 25-man roster was to limit the number of large contracts to choose from.

This roster was more difficult to make up given the decrease in contractual information on the internet and those stupid "pay to read" subscription sites. Nevertheless, I did my best.

Without further ado (don't mind the six-man rotation):

2000-2004 Worst Free Agent Contracts Roster

C: Todd Hundley, Cubs
(Four years/$23.5 million)
1B: Jason Giambi, Yankees
(Seven years/$120 million)
2B: Ricky Gutierrez, Indians
(Three years/$11.5 million)
3B: Edgardo Alfonzo, Giants
(Four years/$26 million)
SS: Kaz Matsui, Mets
(Three years/$20 million)

OF: Juan Gonzalez, Rangers
(Two years/$24 million)
OF: Marty Cordova, Orioles
(Three years/$9 million)
OF: Roger Cedeno, Mets
(Four years/$18 million)

Bench: Scott Spiezio, Mariners
(Three years/$9 million)
Bench: David Segui, Orioles
(Four years/$28 million)
Bench: Derek Bell, Pirates
(Two years/$9.5 million)
Bench: Charles Johnson, Marlins
(Five years/$35 million)
Bench: David Bell, Phillies
(Four years/$18 million)
Bench: Jeffrey Hammonds
(Three years/$21 million)

SP: Mike Hampton, Rockies
(Eight years/$121 million)
SP: Denny Neagle, Rockies
(Five years/$51 million)
SP: Chan Ho Park, Rangers
(Five years/$65 million)
SP: Darren Driefort, Dodgers
(Five years/$55 million)
SP: Sidney Ponson, Orioles
(Three years/$22.5 million)
SP: Aaron Sele, Angels
(Three years/$21 million)

RP: Steve Karsay, Yankees
(Four years/$22.5 million)
RP: Darren Oliver, Rangers
(Three years/$19 million) Not a true relief pitcher
RP: Mike Stanton, Mets
(Three years/$9 million)
RP: Mark Petkovsek, Rangers
(Two years/$4.9 million)
RP: Todd Van Poppel, Rangers
(Three years/$7.5 million)

So where was I correct? And where was I wrong? Who did I miss?

(Note: Is it me, or did lots of Mets and Rangers make the list?)

Make your voice heard...in the comments.

(photo: Diamond Hoggers)

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