Check out the Golden State Warriors' Sleek New Arena Renderings

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2013

Check out the Golden State Warriors' Sleek New Arena Renderings

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    The Golden State Warriors will make the move back to San Francisco once their lease at Oracle Arena in Oakland runs out following the 2017 season, and artists' renderings have finally come out for the concept for the new arena.

    In short, it seems as if they're building a work of art and playing basketball inside. The beauty of the building in the rendering alone is going to be reason enough to check it out should the drawings end up being close to the final product.

    The arena is being built on over 500,000 square feet of land, but that's not just going to be parking lots and walkways. There's green space, tons of accessibility and a beautiful view of the bay from just about everywhere around the arena.

    Located on Piers 30-32, the new Warriors arena looks like it's about to become one of the most beautiful arenas in the country.

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Planned Design

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    With the Warriors and San Francisco still years away from any kind of completion, it's possible that some things could change along the way.

    Golden State's new arena is a slight nudge away from the perfect circle that Oracle Arena is, a bit of a pinch at the top making it egg-shaped.

    The new arena will be on the San Francisco Waterfront in the shadow of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and it will be a short jaunt from AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.

    Onsite parking is very limited, but the plans are to completely encircle the arena with a park and allow for vendors and retail facilities in the vicinity. 

    The new facility seems somewhat unremarkable, but the renderings totally throw that notion out the window.

Location View

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    One of the most important things to factor in the building of a new athletics stadium is where to put the huge thing, and what better way to maximize the space available in the middle of a huge city than to go ahead and throw it in the water?

    Much like AT&T Park (which you can see here is right down the road from the new Warriors arena), the new arena will be located on the waterfront with the Bay Bridge as a backdrop.

    It's a walk from downtown San Francisco and can be reached via ferry ride.


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    One of the first things to notice when taking this behemoth in is the completely transparent design of much of the exterior of the building.

    All the way around, the outside is glass panel after glass panel, making it unlike any other arena in the NBA.

    Rather than just a big concrete block out in the middle of a city, Golden State and San Francisco are turning this new arena into an architectural marvel.

Outside Looking In

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    One of the most jarring concepts for the new arena is that you can actually see the outside from the inside.

    The exterior of the building is made up of glass, glass and more glass, and it's not just so people can see into the arena, it's so there's some actual view from the inside.

    It's the first professional basketball arena that actually allows you to see the sky from your seat. And whether it's something you've every really wanted to do or not, it is a pretty cool idea.

    Here you can see the Bay Bridge in the background as the Warriors take on some team in red, Stephen Curry obviously on his way to a 50-point explosion.

The Walkway

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    Perhaps the most interesting part of the entire design is the spiraling walkway, giving people something to stroll on at any time or a way to waste time before the game starts.

    The walkway wraps all the way around to the top of the building, giving pedestrians a view of the city skyline and the bay in a trip around the building.

    Currently the plan is to leave it open during games, allowing those without a ticket to see the hustle and bustle of people going inside, and even a little bit more than that.

The Arena

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    Snøhetta, a Norwegian-based architecture company, are the guys that will be slapping this building together, and it seems as if the idea they've got is downright gorgeous.

    It's got an imperfect look all the way around, the slightly oval shape, the spiraled walkway sticking out too far to the right, all coming together to turn it into one of the most unique buildings housing an NBA team.

    The arena itself will seat 17,500 people (over 2,000 fewer than Oracle), but it also gives fans another way to get a peek at some action if they don't have a ticket.

    It's not incredibly tall, so it's not obstructive of the view, and it's marvelous to look at.

Peeking In

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    Possibly the coolest feature of the new stadium is the missing chunk of seats in favor of a view of the darkening sky and cars zipping across the bridge, but it's not two-way glass they're installing.

    Much like holes in fences used to allow people to peek into baseball games in the early days of the professional game, the Warriors are giving away a free look at games with this huge window.

    Exactly how much of the court will be visible from the walkway is unknown, but the fact that you can get a glimpse of a game in process, and even watch what you can't see from the jumbotron, is an extremely interesting concept.