Ranking the Worst Wrestler T-Shirts WWE Has Ever Released

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 5, 2013

Ranking the Worst Wrestler T-Shirts WWE Has Ever Released

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    Since it churns out brand-new wrestler clothing on an almost weekly basis, it's not really a surprise that WWE has managed to produce some downright hideous T-shirts in its time.

    Generally, the products of WWEShop tend to be very hit-or-miss, and when they do miss? Yikes.

    So what exactly is it that makes a bad wrestling T-shirt? Well, gaudy colors, for a start. Embarrassing slogans and/or images emblazoned across the front. Or maybe it's just the knowledge that, while you may buy it and wear it to bed, you would never be caught venturing outside with it.

    With this in mind, let's take a look at some of the worst wrestling shirts ever. Man, someone needs to call Rachel Zoe in to help these people...

(dis)Honorable Mention

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    OK, so the "Future Endeavored" T-shirt isn't terrible to look at, nor is it something that you would be ashamed to wear outside the house. But still, it makes the list for sheer tastelessness.

    The T-shirt is, of course, a spin-off of the famous "We wish X the best in all their future endeavors" line that WWE trots out every time it releases a performer from their contract. (It's actually a fairly standard phrase for corporate companies to use.)

    OK, so the shirt design is witty and may even get a laugh or two out of people, but come on, isn't it a bit crude to be making fun of people losing their jobs? Especially in this economy?

    Not to mention how disingenuous and cold-hearted it makes WWE seem whenever it uses that line in a release statement again.

    Former WWE Diva Kara "Cherry" Drew, who was released from the company in 2008 after an unremarkable run as a valet, was openly critical of the shirt on her Twitter, as WrestlingInc noted. She wrote: "I have 2 say that the new "Future Endeavor" t-shirt is pretty hurtful for me at least! A lot of dreams were crushed w that statement. Not cool."

    You could say she needs to grow a thicker skin and not take it personally, but really, she does make a fair point. This is people's livelihoods you're joking around about.

7. John Morrison: Jomosapiens T-Shirt

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    Let's be honest: This T-shirt is flat-out embarrassing. And it's not just the back—the front of it is pretty cringe-worthy, too.

    So, what is the point of this T-shirt, anyway? Is John Morrison meant to be a lunch-taking schoolyard bully or something?

    You'd have to have been a die-hard Morrison fan to buy this one, for sure.

6. Chris Jericho: Wanna-Bee T-Shirt

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    Speaking of lunches, here's one that should make you lose yours.

    Released in May 2012, this rather ghastly T-shirt is seemingly meant to represent the way the then-heel Chris Jericho will vaporize all his young and hungry "Wannabe" challengers.

    Yes, the folks at WWEShop decided it would be a good idea to put an exterminated insect on a T-shirt.

    Huh? Who in their right mind would think this is fashionable?

5. DX: DX with Hornswaggle

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    Ah, yes. That awful time in 2009 when DX, once the most edgy and controversial wrestling faction ever, allowed annoying sidekick Hornswaggle to join their ranks. Never mind the shark, DX jumped frigging Sea World with that one.

    Predictably, the angle's accompanying T-shirt, which showed Hornswoggle doing "the chops" with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, was absolutely dreadful, too.

4. John Cena: Green T-Shirt

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    John Cena makes his first (but not last) appearance on this list with this rather terrible-looking green T-shirt, released in early 2012.

    Question: Why did WWE feel the need to come up with a T-shirt that made Cena look as if he'd just finished his shift at Starbucks? No, seriously, it looks very much like the official Starbucks T-shirt.

    In fact, every time he wears that thing on Raw or SmackDown, I have to resist the urge to go up to the television and order a Caramel Macchiato from him.

    It's hard to imagine anyone but one of Cena's kid fans being willing to buy this lurid item of clothing, either.

3. Little Jimmy: Little Jimmy Says

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    You have to wonder how the Usos, Hunico or Curt Hawkins feel. They've been on the roster for years and still haven't gotten an official T-shirt released by WWE, whereas a non-existent figment of R-Truth's imagination gets one specially made for him.

    Absurd, ugly and totally nonsensical (who is supposed to buy this, anyway? And who really cares what R-Truth's invisible friend has to say?), the "Little Jimmy" T-shirt has fully earned its No. 3 spot.

    Not to mention: Who exactly got the royalties from its sales? Did the accounting office just throw the cash at thin air?

2. John Cena: Bright Orange T-Shirt

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    This orange monstrosity, unleashed on the public in 2011, is probably the worst of Cena’s T-shirts—and that's really saying something.

    No wonder many young male fans hate the star as strongly as they do—he wanders around looking like he got dressed in the dark.

    Can you imagine showing up for a date or other social event dressed in this orange disaster?

    Yet another T-shirt no one out of middle school would be caught dead in.

    Of course, we can all laugh at the hideous T-shirts Cena wears week in and week out, but let's not forget: Cena has made a colossal amount of money off of sales of his clothing.

    I guess he gets the last laugh. 

1. APA: APA Protection T-Shirt

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    Easily the the most embarrassing T-shirt released during the Attitude Era, this APA Protection apparel is a truly hideous piece of merchandise. Rude, crude and ugly to look at, it might be every worst wrestling T-shirt cliche rolled into one.

    What's it supposed to mean, anyway? It's cool to get into violent fights at bar & grills? Not to mention the questions and looks you would get if you dared to wear it outside.

    As (former APA member) Ron Simmons would say: "Damn!"

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