The Presidential Cabinet of Major League Baseball Players and Coaches

Jake LivinstonCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

President Barack Obama can't do it all by himself, nor could any other leader of any organization or country.

That is why there is a Presidential Cabinet to assist the Commander-in-Chief. The Cabinet carries out particular functions to allow the government to run smoother.

I decided to have a little fun and come up with the Presidential Cabinet of the MLB.

Who said Bleacher Report was just about sports? Now B/R members can learn about the United States government while reading about sports.


The President of the United States of America duties are: executing federal law, acting as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, nominating executive and judicial officers, and granting pardons and reprieves.

My selection: Bud Selig

This was not a tough decision and didn't require much thinking. Alan "Bud" Selig is the current commissioner of Major League Baseball and runs the show. He sets forth the law and enforces it.

Vice President

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The Vice President of the United States is also the President of the Senate and assists the President perform duties he or she assigns them to.

My selection: Tony La Russa

La Russa has led two teams to World Series titles, the Athletics and Cardinals, and is truly one of the greatest minds in baseball. La Russa would be a great assistant to any leader if not the leader himself. LaRussa seemingly pulls the right strings at the right times nearly all of the time.

Secretary of State

The United States' Secretary of State deals with foreign affairs and policies.

My selections: Ichiro Suzuki and Albert Pujols

To simply choose one foreign player as the Secretary of State was too hard, so I chose one Hispanic and one Asian player.

Pujols is one of the most feared and dominant hitters in the game. The two-time MVP has been bashing the National League, hitting .335 with 325 dingers in only nine seasons. The Cardinals slugger doesn't seem to be slowing down and looks like he could continue his torrid hitting for years to come.

Ichiro has brought Japanese players on to the scene in America ever since his MVP and ROY season in 2001. A singles hitter, Ichiro has showed flashes of power in games and good power in batting practice. He has hit .330 over eight times, all with the Mariners. Suzuki has been the consistant bat in their lineup and the most prolific player from Asia.

Secretary of Treasury

The Secretary of the Treasury of the United States deals with money and financial matters. He or she maintains economic and financial balance in America.

My selection: Francisco "K-Rod" Rodriguez

In baseball, wins are like money. Someone must maintain the money, and that someone is the closer. 

A main key to a team's postseason success is their closer.

Francisco Rodriguez, the current Mets closer, broke the record for most saves in a season in 2008, 62. K-Rod has led the league in saves three times and averaged 11.7 K/9 innings over his career. Rodriguez's windup and violent delivery can throw any batter off. He has been a shut-down closer over his entire career.

Secretary of Defense

The Secretary of Defense of the United States deals with armed forces and military matters. 

My selections: Yadier Molina, Jimmy Rollins, Andruw Jones

Due to the fact that each position has a different difficulty level and separate tasks to complete at their position, I chose three; one catcher, one infielder, and one outfielder.

Yadier Molina is one of the toughest, if not the toughest, catchers to run on in the game. He also has a wicked pick off move, throwing behind runners. Over his career, he has thrown out 48 percent of would-be base stealers.

Jimmy Rollins has won back-to-back Gold Gloves in 2007 and 2008. He frequently makes astonishing plays. His range and arm are both one-of-a-kind.

Andruw Jones may not be the greatest outfielder nowadays, but he has compiled ten Gold Glove awards. That number is the second most by outfielder. He could run down balls that were hit to nearly anywhere and make great catches. His arm wasn't one to be messed with, either.

Secretary of Labor

The Secretary of Labor heads the Department of Labor. The SoL mainly enforces and suggests laws involving business-related topics.

My selection: Livan Hernandez

Hernandez may not be the obvious pick for this position, but he is a workhorse on the hill. He isn't one of the most dominant pitchers in the game, either. Livan has led the National League in innings pitched three times and thrown more than 200 innings nine times in his career and eight of the last nine seasons. Livan may need someone else assisting him at this position, such as Randy Johnson. The Big Unit has done so 14 times.

Secretary of Transportation

The Secretary of Transportation is in charge of what it sounds like, matters of transportation.

My selection: Jose Reyes

Reyes is arguably the best base-stealer in the Bigs today. He has led the NL in thefts three times in only four full seasons in the Majors. His career-high total is 78 swipes, set in 2007.

Secretary of Energy

The Secretary of Energy was originally to focus on energy production and regulation. The job then shifted to finding more efficient energy sources and energy education.

My selection: David Eckstein

Eckstein has been a model of consistency throughout his Major League career. He has hit .285 over his entire career but provides much more to the team. To go along with his solid hitting, Eckstein is one of the most energized players in the game. He sparks a lineup, even with his 5' 6'', 170 frame. This has been clear, winning the World Series MVP in 2006 with the Cardinals and helping Anaheim to a Championship in 2002.

Secretary of Commerce

The United States Secretary of Commerce deals with business and industry. The Department of Commerce, headed by the SoC, is supposed to develop foreign and domestic commerce.

My selection: Matt Stairs

Just as the US exchanges goods, Matt Stairs exchanges teams. Stairs, currently with the Philadelphia Phillies, is with his eleventh team in the MLB. He has short stints with numerous teams and has had success with all of them. Matt has hit 256 home runs over his career.

Which team will he be with next?

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