Red Sox Might Have To Make Hard Decision About Fenway Park

Dan PieroniCorrespondent IApril 24, 2009

BOSTON - MAY 1:  General view of the exterior of the Boston Red Sox home field of Fenway Park on May 1, 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo By: Getty Images)

I'm dreading the feedback from this article.

So before you get so angry that you'll feel compelled to call me an idiot, let me have my say.

Then, id you still think I'm an idiot, you are more than welcome to send your scornful comments my way,

Are we good? Alright, here comes the bombshell.

I believe Fenway Park is on borrowed time.

From a personal standpoint, I love Fenway. It is the most prestigious and beloved ballpark in all of baseball.

I will miss its uniqueness, the Green Monster, the poor sap stuck inside of it who makes little money sliding the numbers into the spots on the scoreboard, and the outfielders who look lost in the triangle in center field.

I don't want to see Fenway go, but in reality it needs to.

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about The new Yankee Stadium and how the Yankees are expected to generate $800 million of revenue off of it this year.

This, mind you, is a modern ballpark with all the modern bells and whistles that people will flock to because it fields a competitive team with a mystique unmatched in Major League Baseball.

While the same may hold true for the Red Sox, they play in an intimate, charming, but severely outdated facility, that while historic, cannot compete in the current baseball climate.

Fenway is a place in which we, the poor fans, pay $45 to sit in splinter-ridden creaky old grandstand seats to have our view of the game obstructed by support poles.

Plus, many seats offer no leg room, and God help you if you have to sit next to Bubba the 400-pound trucker with an unfortunate flatulence problem for three hours.

Did I mention the concourses are too narrow as well? I was there on Patriots Day, I must have bumped into a hundred people on my way to get a hot dog.

This is not an ideal way to spend a day at the ballpark!

You can make as many upgrades as you wish, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot change the fact that Fenway will never be a comfortable modern ballpark.

Even if every game is sold out, the Red Sox won't even come close to generating the revenue the Yankees will. Even if their seats are overpriced, at least they're comfortable and the concourses are much more spacious.

Sadly, all major league baseball seems to care about is a buck, and as long as there is no salary cap in baseball, the Yankees will stockpile players in free agency, leaving all other teams in the dust.

So the real reason I want Fenway gone is because I cannot bear to see another era of Yankee domination.

I know it will be very difficult to find land for a new ballpark, but I'd hate for John Henry to sell a pair of Big Papi's sweat socks for profit just to compete with the evil empire.

But aside from building a new ballpark, or implementing a salary cap, there's not much you can do.

So although I do not wish to see Fenway meet the wrecking ball, it may have to so that our beloved Boston nine can stay competitive for years to come.

I for one do not wish to see it end like this.


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