Sio Moore: Video Highlights for the Former UConn OLB

Rick Devereux@rick_devereuxContributor IIApril 26, 2013

Sio Moore: Video Highlights for the Former UConn OLB

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    Sio Moore is one of the better outside linebackers in the 2013 NFL Draft.

    He played well enough in the Shrine All-Star game to get invited to the Senior Bowl.  

    He made the most of his opportunity opened scouts' eyes to his ability to play with top-notch competition. He may not be a first-round selection, but whichever team picks the former UConn star will get an athlete with speed who, at the very least, can contribute on special teams from Day One.

Man Coverage

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    Moore (No. 3) is lined up on the left side of the defense as the Pittsburgh Panthers run a bunch formation to the wide side of the field. 

    Moore is directly over Pitt's Drew Carswell, No. 6, and the middle receiver in the bunch formation. He jams Carswell at the line of scrimmage, throwing off the tight end's release and timing a bit, but then Moore covers him and baits QB Tino Sunseri into thinking Carswell is open. 

    Sunseri throws a bad pass that Moore should have intercepted, but the end zone replays show that only a perfect throw would have resulted in a completion.

Zone Coverage and Closing Burst

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    Again against Pitt, Moore is lined up on the left side of the defense splitting the area between the slot receiver and the tight end on the line of scrimmage.

    At the snap of the ball, Moore drops into zone pass coverage. The Panthers run a screen play to his side. It looks as if Pitt may be able to get a first down out of it because the defensive line is running into each other, but closes in from his zone coverage and easily eludes the would-be blockers.

    Moore closes quickly on the runner, does not get fooled with the stutter-step and makes a sure tackle for no gain.

    That was about as well-played as it gets.

Play Recognition

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    Against Rutgers in 2012, Moore is lined up over the slot receiver on the wide side of the field.

    The receiver takes a couple quick steps then goes back to the line of scrimmage for a wide receiver screen.

    Moore is a tough situation. 

    First, he has to cover a wide receiver, a player who is probably faster than he is. The desire may be to fall into coverage quickly in order to make up for the speed of the wide receiver. Moore does not do this. He takes a jab step back but does not bail into coverage immediately.

    Second, he has multiple blockers headed right at him. The tight end releases straight toward him and the right tackle is also barreling down in his direction.

    Moore is able to read the wide receiver screen quickly, evade the tight end making a B-line straight for him, and make a tackle for a loss of yardage.

Blitz Timing

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    At first glance it looks like anyone could have gotten the sack Sio Moore gets against N.C. State.

    In reality, though, he does a perfect job of being patient, timing his blitz and running to the correct hole in order to get a clean shot on fellow-draft prospect Mike Glennon.

    If he comes up and shows the blitz, the offensive line will be bale to pick it up, but if he blitzes too late, he might not get to the quarterback at all. Moore blitzes at just the right time.

    Also, Moore goes to the perfect place where no one blocks him. If he runs too close to the guard or tackle, either one could at the very least chip him. Moore finds the open gap and sacks the quarterback.

Outside Run

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    At the end of the Rutgers game, Moore is lined up as the right outside linebacker. 

    The Scarlet Knights call an off-tackle run to Moore's side.

    Moore does a great job of hitting the tight end and pushing him back a yard, then shuffling down the line of scrimmage stringing the play further outside than it was probably designed to go.

    He then gets rid of the blocker and makes the tackle for a loss of yards.

Inside Run

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    N.C. State motions slot receiver, bringing Moore from outside and on the line to over the guard.

    Moore avoids the block from the left guard and stuffs the runner for a loss of yardage.

Blitz Speed

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    Moore picked up his game during his all-star appearances.

    In the Senior Bowl, Moore split a double team by the running back and the left tackle and was still able to get to the quarterback.

    His speed and agility are the main factors in this sack, which should impress NFL scouts around the country.


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