Brad Keselowski Claims That NASCAR Is Targeting Him and His Team

Christopher Olmstead@@whooyouknowitSenior Analyst IIIApril 15, 2013


Is there anything in life better than a conspiracy theory? Well, obviously there is, but conspiracy theories certainly are entertaining.

On Saturday night at the NRA 500 NASCAR, cameras picked up on Joey Logano's No. 22 machine being pushed to the starting lineup. The television announcers then made note on how Logano and teammate Brad Kesleowski had some issues during pre-race inspection.

Although they didn't really get into those issues on the live broadcast, they did make mention to the fact that it pertained to the rear of their cars.

Almost predictably, NASCAR actually confiscated the rear-end housing, as well as additional pieces, from both cars.

According to a recent article by Bob Pockrass of SportingNews.com, Keselowski was none to pleased about how all of this went down. He had these comments in regards to the issue following the race:

I don’t have a lot of good things to say right now.

There’s so much stuff going on, you guys have no idea — you have no (expletive) idea what’s going on, Keselowski said. I can tell you there is no team in this garage with the integrity of the 2 team.

The way we’ve been treated over the last seven days is absolute shameful. I feel like we’ve been targeted over the last seven days more than I’ve ever seen a team targeted in my life. My guys keep their heads on straight and they showcased why they’re a winning team and a championship team.

For starters, Keselowski doesn't come across in the best of lights here.

Granted, I wasn't with his team for "the last seven days." Therefore, I have no idea what he is alluding to. However, NASCAR has a job to perform each and every week. One part of that job is to make sure that every driver's car meets certain competition requirements.

For whatever reason, the cars of Logano and Keselowski didn't meet the requirements that they were supposed to. So NASCAR took what it deemed was the appropriate action.

Is that the fault of Logano and Keselowski? Most likely not. It's also not the fault of NASCAR.

I am all for drivers being outspoken and chirping up when they feel they are wronged. In this case, though, Keselowski should have kept his mouth shut.

The bottom line here is pretty cut and dry. There was something wrong with the No. 2 Ford, and as a result, NASCAR addressed it. Now, if it comes out later in the week that the pieces confiscated are not illegal, then Keselowski might have something to complain about.

Given the way that Keselowski was talking about this, you would think that he had a horrible night. The fact of the matter is that he didn't. Keselowski finished the race in ninth, while Logano rallied from starting 43rd to finish fifth.

Moving forward, the one thing that Keselowski should be worried about is potential consequences.

If NASCAR were to find that Penske Racing attempted to alter its cars on purpose, it may not end well. The other thing not in the favor of Penske and its drivers is the fact that this is a new car. Since the Gen-6 car began this year, no team has had any infractions like this.

NASCAR may decide to make an example out of Penske in an effort to keep other teams from pushing the limits. If NASCAR decides to come down hard, there could be suspensions, fines and a loss of championship points.

When asked about the possibility of his crew chief being suspended, Keselowski had the following to say:

I’m very worried about losing my crew chief Paul Wolfe.

But I can tell you what, I’ve got one of the best car owners in the garage. I’m going to be the first one at his desk to tell him if anything happens like that, we’ll both be in a meeting with everybody and anybody that will listen.

Whether the team tried to cheat or not, it clearly didn't need to. Given how well both cars did Saturday night, neither of them really needed any special edge on the rest of the field.

NASCAR generally takes a few days to decide on these types of rulings. Keselowski and company will most likely have to wait until the middle of the week for their decision.


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