10 Worst Fan Tattoos in College Football

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10 Worst Fan Tattoos in College Football

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    College football fans are one of the most passionate fan-bases that exist in sports. They wear the emotions that come with the wins and losses of their beloved squads on their sleeves, and sometimes make those emotions permanent fixtures on their backs and arms.

    There are a lot of bad tattoos out there, but 10 college football fans have found a way to land on this list as the worst in college football. Not surprisingly, the SEC is leading the way in bad body art.

    Why these fans stop, look in the mirror at the printed outline and think, “This is a great idea,” is a question that is tough to answer. But in the end we are thankful for these bad decisions that will last a lifetime. 

No. 10: Touchdown Jesus and the Golden Dome

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    ESPN the Magazine reached out to its readers last year to search for college football tattoos. Fans and readers didn’t disappoint, as a number of submissions were published by ESPN in last August.

    One of the best in the group was Notre Dame fan, Bryan. Bryan told the folks at ESPN the Magazine to “please keep the laughter to a minimum” in regard to his touchdown Jesus and golden dome calves (via ESPN.com).

    Of all the tattoos that have hit the interwebs in the past few years, this is one of the tamer, but it is also one of the most ridiculous calf pieces I have ever seen.

    Thanks, Bryan. Don’t worry, I only chuckled. 

No. 9: “Champ” on the Cheek

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    Another great reader submission that came to the folks at ESPN.com was from a University of Minnesota-Duluth fan.

    This fan took out all the stops and put the face of the mascot on what appears to be his left butt-cheek. Champ is the name of the Minnesota-Duluth mascot.

    Why this guy would choose to put this massive bulldog head on his butt is beyond me, but two reasons come to mind. Hide the ink from future employers, or he is already covered in sleeves.

    I’m thinking it is the employment thing. Either way this is one of the worst fan tattoos ever. 

No. 8: War Eagle Tramp Stamp for Dudes

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    Lower back tattoos have become a normal part of tattoo life over the past decade, but women have taken the craze by storm and typically own the lower back tat known as the "tramp stamp."

    This Auburn fan decided to take it upon himself to take back the lower back tattoo tradition and had the Tigers battle cry "War Eagle" emblazoned upon his lower back.

    Whether or not men will follow the move has yet to be seen, but this is one of the worst decisions that this Auburn fan has ever made.

    Hopefully this was just the beginning to a larger back piece that is more gaudy and ridiculous. 

    (h/t collegespun.com)

No. 7: Boomer Sooner

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    There are few fanbases in the country that rival the Boomer Sooner tradition, and this fan is prove positive that the Sooners love their Oklahoma football.

    This piece shows an arm busting through the calf of this passionate fan with an Oklahoma helmet being held high with pride.

    This is not the most creative college football tattoo for a fan, but it is definitely one of the nastiest. When your entire calf is covered in Oklahoma, you have to question your decision making.

    (h/t collegespun.com)

No. 6: Hook’em Horns

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    Texas is known for its passionate fanbase, and this fan showed his loyalty by getting "Hook’em Horns" and a giant Bevo head across his back.

    Texas fan, Derek S., reached out to the folks at Busted Coverage to tell his Texas tattoo story.

    This is an awesome display of Texas fandom, but at the end of the day this is one of the worst tattoos that college football fans have offered up.

    There is something awkward about a large steer painted permanently across someone’s shoulders. 

No. 5: Back-T

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    Tennessee is full of passionate fans that love the Big Orange. The famous T is one of the most iconic symbols in college football, and has now become the centerpiece for a Vols fan’s tattoo choice.

    This is a nasty looking tattoo from start to finish. It is a simple outline with scribble that appears to say “University of Tennessee."

    Hopefully this photo was taken before this piece was finished, because this is an amateurish looking tattoo from top to bottom. Fill it in with orange or something and save the jokes about how bad it looks.

    If it’s going to be absurd, finish the job.

    (h/t Saturday Down South)

No. 4: The Year of the Gamecock

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    The South Carolina Gamecocks have a hidden passion for their team in the Carolina's. Williams-Bryce Stadium is one of the loudest environments in college football, and fans like this one are what help game day Saturday’s get ridiculous.

    This fan took tattooing to a new level when he had the Gamecocks emblem emblazoned on his back. The most interesting piece of the design is the integration of the yin and yang symbol on the upper left shoulder.

    It is obvious the two have nothing to do with one another, and that the artist worked around the previous tattoo to lay down the giant bird.

    Cover it up bro, this looks bad.

    Real bad.

    (h/t Saturday Down South)

No. 3: Bear Bryant Back-scape

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    It’s no secret that Alabama fans are in love with their former head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, but this tattoo may be the ultimate homage to the former Tide championship coach.

    This fan has been interviewed about his tattooed back—video is here—talking about the inspirations that led to his back-scape.

    It is six minutes of pure intrigue.

    This is a nasty tattoo showing one of the most famous scenes in Alabama football history; the leaning Bear.

    Alabama fans everywhere are applauding this guy’s choices while the rest of the country is staring in utter disbelief and amazement.

    (h/t Saturday Down South)

No. 2: Clemson Passion

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    Clemson fans are about as close to the passion of the SEC as a group can get. This fan's mural shows it.

    This piece is actually impressive with the level of detail and thought that went into it.

    That is until you notice the misspelled school name. This clearly says "Clemons" not "Clemson". Too bad tattoo guns don't come with spell check. 

    The Tiger head in the paw print is impressive, but the strange psychedelic Clemson colored swirl is where I get lost. This is just a really bad looking tattoo all around.

    The Tigers have been on the steady rise as of late in the ACC thanks to Dabo Swinney and the Clemson offensive explosion. Tattoos like this one are going to start popping up more often if they keep on winning.

    (h/t collegespun.com)

No. 1: Sons of Saban

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    Sons of Anarchy has taken off as one of the top shows on cable television.

    Now, “Sons of Saban” is a fad that is taking hold in Alabama.

    Followers of the Crimson Tide are passionate about their team and coach, but this recent move may be the creepiest of them all. This tattoo is modeled after the coat of arms worn by the characters in the FX-produced show.

    This is as absurd as any team-based body art I have ever witnessed. Please fans, stop now.

    This needs to be the end of the terrible team tattoo trend.

    (h/t lostletterman.com)


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