Watch Kevin Garnett Deliver Epic Speech After KG, Paul Pierce Make History

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMarch 14, 2013

Kevin Garnett's postgame interviews will go down as some of the best in NBA history, just like the player himself.

In the Boston Celtics' 112-88 romping of the Toronto Raptors, Garnett surpassed Jerry West as the 15th-leading scorer in league history. Fittingly enough, Paul Pierce eclipsed Charles Barkley as 20th on the same list, in the same game.

I say "fittingly enough" only because Garnett (36) and Pierce (35) are seemingly going out the way they came in—together (via Ben Rohrbach of WEEI.com):

It’s special to do with a personal friend. You know what I mean? Not just a teammate, but a real friend. Someone who knows you, knows your family, knows who you are, where you come from and vice versa. Knows the things that motivate you and push you.

We've always known the Celtics in general to be a tight-knit bunch, but the bond that Garnett and Pierce have shared since adolescence isn't exactly publicized. Not as much as we'd like, knowing how awesome it is now.

During the interview, Garnett ambles on down memory lane, reminiscing about the times he and Pierce hung out at McDonald's or raised hell in Pierce's living room. Imagining a young, and hopefully smaller, Garnett and Pierce tossing pillows and breaking "vases" is epic. Everything he says here is just pure gold.

It's also evidence of why it has been so hard for Danny Ainge and company to break up these Celtics. The thought of dismantling the relationships that have been forged and the diligence that has been put in is painful, especially now.

After this, it seems impossible. How could you separate this group? These two? 

Eventually, it will happen. Boston will either break up the current group, this legendary duo, or one (or both) of them will retire beforehand.

For now, let's just enjoy the Celtics as they are, persevering through injuries and enveloping ambiguity, and making history in the process.

"My path has not been an easy one,” Garnett said.

And the road ahead isn't any easier.

Down a slew of bodies and facing an onset of doubters and questions, there's still work to be done. Hard work. Bordering on insurmountable obstacles to overcome, even.

But the good news for us and Garnett is that he gets to face what's next with Pierce. Just like he (apparently) always has.


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