Come To Think of It: All of This Cubs Curse Talk Really Gets My Goat

Bob Warja@@bobwarjaSenior Writer IApril 15, 2009

Hearing about the annual goat's head on Harry Caray's statue made me sick.

And to the guy who brought a goat to the game the other day, I have four words:


Look, folks, there is no curse. In fact, the only "curse" the Cubs have had is the curse of lousy management over the years.

Since Jim Hendry has become the GM, things have improved. Now, I've been a vocal critic of Mr. Hendry, but even I have to admit how much more of an intelligent baseball man he is than the other idiots that have generally mismanaged this club.

For those of you who believe in curses, let me remind you that the Boston Red Sox supposedly were cursed by the Bambino once. Well, how did that hold up, eh?

I'll tell you how—two world championships in the past four years, that's how.

Coincidentally, this curse-busting occurred concurrent with the hiring of a terrific front office, led by the equally terrific GM Theo Epstein.

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I'll admit some strange things seem to happen to our Cubbies when they do get into the postseason. In 1984, they won the first two games of a five-game series against the Padres, only to lose when the supposedly Gatorade-stained glove of Leon Durham couldn't find the ball.

In 2003, there was the infamous Steve Bartman incident, of course.

Curses at work? Well, in both cases, there are equally plausible explanations.

Leon Durham simply made an error. Don't forget he was a drug user. In 2003, Dusty Baker mismanaged that series, and Mark Prior lost his poise.

Last year, nothing weird happened, they just played three games of really bad baseball at the wrong time. And Lou Piniella didn't have that team ready to play and made some questionable decisions.

So there you go, you conspiracy theorists. No curse.

I just hate it when fans do the kind of stupid stunts we've seen recently. It makes the national news, and creates more fodder for the people who believe this stuff.

Hopefully, all of that is behind us now. We have a very good baseball team and if we keep getting to the postseason, we will go the World Series eventually.

It's gonna happen.

Meanwhile, the only curses are the expletives coming from my mouth when I hear about goats, come to think of it.