Opening Day Should be a National Holiday

Ben ChardellCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2008

Opening day is by far the most exciting day in sports. Every team has dreams and aspirations of playing in October. The smell of hot dogs and cheap beer are back in the air and—perhaps the best part—summer is finally here!

So why isn't baseball's opening day a national holiday? Isn't this glorious game America's past-time? Don't we NEED this? Something must be done.

Unfortunately, opening day is often missed by many people. Even though this is the most important day of the year, work still calls. Schools still are in attendance. Let's be perfectly honest: nobody is happy at either place.

People are day dreaming of being in their La-Z-Boys watching the game with a cold one. They are day dreaming of sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley, cheering as the Cubs beat the Brewers. But no, they are at work.

With the invention of online media streaming, is anybody really getting anything done at work anyway? You know that behind the Word's and Excel's of the office place, baseball is being pumped into the majority of computers via MLB.tv.

There are talks about how revenues go down during March Madness, but how much is lost during opening day of baseball? Just make it a holiday. Not even the bosses and owners of businesses want to be there.

Think how this would benefit the MLB itself. They could get more ratings for their games that appear on TV because many more people will be watching. Think of all the kids that would be glued to the screens who would otherwise just be LEARNING in school. Who needs that when we have baseball?!

What's even better, is that everyone can agree with this! Everybody can use an extra day off. Would non-fans really object to this? If you don't care about baseball, go spend the day with your kids. Go and play golf. Play video games. Sleep in. There are no negatives! Call your senators. Email your representatives. Write letters. Picket. Forward this to Bud Selig. Something must be done! It benefits us all.


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