John Carew: Why He Would Be a Terrible Signing for Inter Milan

Mathias Ask@@MathiasAskCorrespondent IIFebruary 17, 2013

John Carew in action for West Ham.
John Carew in action for West Ham.Julian Finney/Getty Images

Inter Milan would be making a huge mistake by picking up Norwegian striker John Carew.

According to Corriello Dello Sport (h/t soccernews.com), Carew is one of the players Il Nerazzurri could sign on to replace Diego Milito after an injury sidelined the Argentinian for the rest of the season.

Because the transfer window has passed, Inter have no choice but to look for players who are currently without contracts.

That includes Carew, who has not played a single minute of football since he was released from West Ham in May of last year.

If Il Nerazzuri weren’t in such a difficult position, it is doubtful that Carew would even be on their radar.

There is no chance that he is going to be of any value to Inter Milan for the remainder of the season. But don’t take it from me—take it from the man himself.

Two weeks ago, a fan asked Carew on Twitter if he would be willing to make a comeback for his former team, Aston Villa, which is currently struggling in the EPL. Carew tweeted back that he would but that he won’t be match fit until May.

The fact that Carew, by his own admission, will not be ready for another three months should be enough for Inter Milan to stay away.

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However, if the Norwegian striker was to jump at the opportunity and offer his services, there are several red flags that the Italians should be aware of.

John Carew @JCarew10

"@villaparktom97: @JCarew10 would you play for villa for free to help out?"I would but won't be match fit until May.. :/

His Career Is on the Downward Spiral

Carew has always been one of my favorite players, but watching him move from team to team has not been a pleasant experience.

Back in 2001, when Carew was just starting out at Valencia, the world was his oyster. He appeared in 37 matches and scored 11 goals, topping it off with a Champions League final appearance against Bayern Munich. The next year, Valencia won its fifth La Liga title.

Although Carew can look back at his career and point to league titles and highlight reels, he never developed into an international superstar like fellow Scandinavian, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In 2004, after having already been on loan to Roma, Carew moved from Valencia to Besiktas for less than half of what Valencia had to dole out to bring him to Mestalla. He performed well enough in Turkey to convince French powerhouse Lyon to sign him a year later.

In 2006, after a Ligue 1 title and some decent play in the Champions League, Carew was signed to Aston Villa.

The next years became the most fruitful of his career. In 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10, he scored 13, 11 and 10 goals in the EPL, respectively.

Finally, Carew was showing what he’s capable of.

Along with Ashley Young, the two formed a deadly duo that could threaten any Premier League defense.

However, 2009-10 was Carew’s last productive year. Not just at Aston Villa but in his career.

In 2010-11, he played 10 games without scoring any goals before joining Stoke on loan in January. He didn’t fare much better for the Potters, scoring only one goal in another 10 appearances.

Carew’s last chance to make an impact on the pitch was in the Championship with West Ham. Once again, Carew’s stats were unimpressive, with only two goals in 19 matches during the 2011-12 season.

This is the player Inter Milan is inquiring about. Not the one who once made the Real Madrid defense look like pillars of salt, but the one who couldn’t even make an impact in the Championship a year ago.

His Mind Is Not Set on Football

If Carew wanted to play professional football, it would have happened by now.

Last November, Goal.com reported that Perak from the Malaysian Super League was interested in the Norwegian striker.

The opportunities were there, but Carew didn’t seize them.

Just the fact that the European season is halfway done and he has not put in the effort stay in shape shows that his career is not the most important thing to him right now.

Carew should be training with clubs and trying to prove himself as a valuable asset; instead, he is focusing on other activities like acting.

A month ago, The Sun reported that Carew is currently in Canada shooting an action movie. The article quoted him saying he’ll be “shooting for a month,” which doesn’t exactly leave a lot of room for getting back in shape.

He was also asked about playing for Aston Villa, to which he said, “If I had time, I would love to play for free for Villa.”

That’s right. Carew simply doesn’t have time to play football at the highest level. And that’s all Inter Milan needs to know about him.

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