Power Ranking the Top 10 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Moments of All Time

Derek Gerberich@@thexsportsxguyCorrespondent IJanuary 29, 2013

Power Ranking the Top 10 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Moments of All Time

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    With the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens set to square off in Super Bowl XLVII, (or shall we say the Harbowl?), the Dallas Cowboys find themselves yet again on the outside looking in at the festivities.

    But it's about time that Cowboys fans stopped bemoaning the team's current state.

    For just one week—Super Bowl week—let's relax, take a step back and rewind through the memories of the golden days.

    Without further ado, here are the top 10 greatest moments of the Dallas Cowboys' Super Bowl history.

10. Doomsday Defense Overwhelms the Broncos (XII)

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    Back when the Cowboys were marked by a ferocious and intimidating defense, the Denver Broncos felt the full effect of Big D in Super Bowl XII.

    The Broncos only managed to complete eight passes in the game, and the Cowboys caused Denver to cough the ball up eight times.  Eight.  In a Super Bowl.

    The defensive terrors did not go unrewarded for their efforts.  Harvey Martin (DE) and Randy White (DT) were both named MVPs, in a Cowboys 27-10 victory.

9. Emmitt Smith Runs All over the Bills (XXVIII)

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    Emmitt Smith's final stat line in Super Bowl XXVIII registered: 30 carries, 132 yards and two touchdowns.  He even threw in four receptions for 26 yards for good measure.

    The highlight of the night came on a third-quarter, eight-play, 64-yard Cowboys' touchdown drive.  Smith, the game's eventual MVP, carried the ball seven times for 61 yards on the drive.

    If that's not utter dominance, then I don't know what is.

8. Do You Know How to Spell "Cat"? (XIII)

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    In one of the funniest moments on this list, star Cowboys linebacker Thomas Henderson added some pregame spice to Super Bowl XII, when he questioned the intelligence of Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

    Before the game, Henderson quipped that Bradshaw wouldn't be able to spell the word "cat," even if you spotted him the "c" and the "t."


    Only problem was, Bradshaw got the last laugh as the Steelers emerged victorious 21-17.

7. Cliff Harris's Helmet Tap (X)

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    Another feud between the Steelers and Cowboys stood out in Super Bowl X.  Only downside was that the Steelers again emerged on top.

    Here's what went down.  Steelers kicker Roy Gerela missed a field goal, and the Cowboys' Cliff Harris decided to give him a little tap on the helmet afterward.  You know, just to congratulate him for his efforts.

    Jack Lambert didn't take so kindly to Harris' antics, and a bit of a showdown ensued.

    You should really watch the above video.

6. Robert Newhouse's Halfback Pass (XII)

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    Revisiting the Super Bowl XII victory that the Cowboys posted over the Broncos, we see that there was actually more notable events in the game other than an outstanding defensive effort.

    The game-clinching score came on the above play.

    Cowboys fullback Robert Newhouse took a pitch from Roger Staubach, ran a few strides to his left and proceeded to toss a 29-yard touchdown pass to Golden Richards. 

    Not bad for a fullback. 

5. Roger Staubach 45-Yard TD Pass to Butch Johnson (XII)

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    Another offensive highlight from Super Bowl XII was this 45-yard beauty from Roger Staubach to Butch Johnson.

    Watch the play; it's great.

    But the clincher is this: Johnson had broken his thumb earlier in the game, before coming back to make the play.

    Now that's how you earn the star on your helmet.

4. Leon Lett's Strip of Thurman Thomas (XXVIII)

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    With the Buffalo Bills entertaining thoughts of winning a Super Bowl (yes, actually winning) up 13-6 at halftime, Leon Lett made sure that the game would be turned around in a hurry.

    He stripped Bills running back Thurman Thomas just 55 seconds into the third quarter, and teammate James Washington took it to the house for a 46-yard fumble recovery TD.

    Thank goodness that this time, Leon wasn't the one who tried to run it back.

3. Larry Brown's Game-Clinching Interception (XXX)

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    Previous slides already touched on the Steelers apparent dominance over the Cowboys in Super Bowls leading up to XXX.

    Fortunes changed drastically in 1995, however, as Neil O'Donnell lofted an inexplicably errant pass into the hands of Cowboys cornerback Larry Brown late in the fourth quarter, which gave the game to Dallas.

    It was Brown's second interception of the game, and it also earned him Super Bowl MVP honors.

2. Bob Lilly's 29-Yard Sack of Bob Griese (VI)

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    In what is the longest sack in NFL Super Bowl history, and also believed to be the longest sack in the history of the NFL, Cowboys lineman Bob Lilly tracked down Miami quarterback Bob Griese after an exhausting scramble.

    The play resulted in a 29-yard loss for the Dolphins, which became an accurate microcosm of the 24-3 pounding that the Doomsday defense handed Miami.

    Watch the incredible play here.

1. Super Bowl XXVII

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    There's nothing more satisfying than watching your favorite team (in any sport) thoroughly dismantle its opponent.

    That satisfaction increases exponentially when the aforementioned dismantling takes place on the world's biggest stage.

    Enter Super Bowl XXVII.

    For all Cowboys lovers out there, this game had to be the ultimate climax.

    The final tallies were just ludicrous.  The Dallas Cowboys absolutely bludgeoned the Buffalo Bills, 52-17.  Troy Aikman threw for 274 yards and four touchdowns.  The defense forced nine (Nine!?) Buffalo Bill turnovers.  And the score would have even been worse if Leon Lett had not started an early celebration before he crossed the plane.

    All in all, Cowboys football doesn't get any better than what we witnessed that day.