Big Show: 7 Curious Facts About the World's Largest Athlete

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IIJanuary 11, 2013

Big Show: 7 Curious Facts About the World's Largest Athlete

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    When you look at WWE's Big Show, things are pretty clear-cut. He's big. That's his thing. Seems pretty boring and uninteresting, right? 


    Big Show has weaved a long and strange trail through his life going from medical phenomenon to star athlete to getting slimed and everything in between. 

    Here are 7 Curious Facts about the World's Largest Athlete.  

1. He's a Very Accomplished Athlete

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    It may not be surprising that the Big Show was an athlete in high school and college; the ridiculous numbers he put up are the curious part. 

    A lot of professional wrestlers were successful athletes at small colleges and high schools, but the Big Show was a phenom in his teenage years.

    At King Academy, Show's high school in South Carolina, he was a monster on the hardwood. According to an old Wichita State athlete profile, Big Show averaged over 32 points, 20 rebounds and 11 blocks per game in his senior season of high school and put up 61 points in a state playoff game. 

    Show was a three-year all-conference and two-year all-class player at the King Academy, as well as a standout football player. 

    Wight chose to continue his basketball career at Northern Oklahoma Junior College and eventually made the switch to Wichita State.  He later played more basketball at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. 

2. Hotels Aren't a Great Place for Him

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    WWE Superstars and Divas spend almost their entire career on the road, going from hotel to hotel. Because of this, they get pretty familiar with hotels along the way. 

    In one case, the Big Show got a little too familiar with a particular hotel. 

    According to a story by The Smoking Gun, Show lived up to his name and allegedly exposed himself to a female motel clerk. The case was eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence, but the mugshot (shown above) has followed Big Show since. 

    Another unfortunate hotel event came in 1999 for the seven-footer. The report had one Robert Sawyer accusing the Big Show of breaking Sawyer's jaw during a dispute at a Marriott Hotel in New York. Big Show explained that Sawyer was acting obnoxious and started getting physical. After he got too lippy, Show tossed his infamous WMD knockout punch and broke Sawyer's jaw. 

    Show would eventually be found not guilty.  

    Maybe that's why Big Show decided to buy his own bus in 2005...

3. Once Won the Slime Wrestling World Championship

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    Usually on these curious fact slideshows, we delve into the obscure laundry lists of titles that the subjects have won in their careers. 

    I could tell you that Big Show has won seven world championships in his time in WCW and WWE or that Wight is the only wrestler who has won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Championship, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship.

    I could even tell you that Big Show is also an 11-time tag team champion, the 16th Grand Slam Champion in WWE history and the 24th WWE Triple Crown Champion.

    Forget all of that. Big Show's most curious championship fact? He won the Slime Wrestling World Championship over the Miz on Nickelodeon.


4. Once Had a Feud with the Loch Ness Monster

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    It's not often that you find a professional wrestler who stands over seven feet tall and can actually function in the ring. It's even less often that you find a seven-footer who had a feud with one of the world's greatest mysterious (and possibly fictional) beasts. 

    The Big Show, and a few others, are proof that big men CAN be useful in the WWE. 

    As for the fictional beast thing, Big Show's got that covered too. 

    Right as Wight burst onto the scene in 1995 with WCW, he got in a number of feuds. One of his less memorable feuds was with a wrestler by the name of Loch Ness, who is known to most as Haystacks Calhoun. 

    How many Superstars can you think of that fought a chupacabra? Same thing.  

5. He's Been in Some Great Movies

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    A lot of WWE Superstars make the jump to TV and, in some cases, film. 

    The Big Show is one of the few quasi-successful professional wrestlers to make appearances in actual movies. 

    The Big Show made a number of appearances including his well known cameo as Captain Insano, his appearance on a few USA shows and of course his role in the WWE films production, Knucklehead. 

6. He's Made Some Interesting Cameos

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    While he's made some more well-known appearances in movies and film, he's made some less known cameos. For example, Big Show even pops up in Sisqo's grammy-worthy "Thong Song" video (seen above). 

    Other, considerably less awful, cameos by the giant include: An alien slave trader on Star Trek and the classic role of "big Santa" in Jingle All The Way. 

7. He Didn't Start out as Big Show

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    Most educated wrestling fans know that the Big Show hasn't always been the Big Show. When he came into the business he was called The Giant and at one point, by his actual name Paul Wight.

    What most fans don't recall is that when Wight made the switch from WCW to WWF, he didn't come in as Big Show or The Giant. He came in as "Big Nasty" Paul Wight. 

    Surprisingly, the name didn't stick and Wight became Big Show in a matter of weeks. 

    Another fun Big Show name fact? When he first came into the business he was billed as Andre The Giant's son for a while. Another gimmick that didn't stick for the big man. 

    Little did the muckey-mucks know that he would eventually be known by just his nickname. I'd say it worked out pretty well. 

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it, Big Show has led an interesting life and career in professional wrestling. Whether he was dropping 60 on the hardwood in South Carolina or exposing himself to hotel clerks (allegedly) or standing by a truck in a Sisqo video, Paul Wight has lead a curious life. 

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