Navy's Bill the Goat Kidnapped Then Returned Ahead of Army Rivalry Clash

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 29, 2012

Photo Credit: Navy Times
Photo Credit: Navy Times

Somebody took Navy's beloved Bill the Goat. Army, we are looking at you. 

NavyTimes reports that the mascot was stolen and tied to a median near the Pentagon. Bill the Goat was safely recovered and brought back home.

If you are looking for suspects, our Spidey sense is reminding us that the rivalry game between Navy and Army takes place a little over a week from now in Philadelphia. 

There are two Bill the Goats at Maryland Sunrise Farm, the location where the goatnapped mascot was returned to. The manager, John Jordan, was unable to ascertain whether it was Bill XXXIII or Bill XXXIV who was stolen, but either was returned in good condition. 

Never have we seen such villainy.

Well, not since Zack and Slater were caught up in a prank war with Valley where mascots were stolen, Screech included. 

This time, the perpetrators remain hidden. 

A Navy spokeswoman sounded off: 

At this time, we are unaware of who may have taken the goat, but it could be related to the Army-Navy game Dec. 8.

Bill the Goat has been a part of our 10-game winning streak against Army, so we are glad to have him back before the big game next week. 

Oh, snap. 

You can take our beloved mascot, but we will roast you in the NavyTimes, or so I imagine was the spokeswoman's thinking. 

A West Point spokesman said they have "no official knowledge" of the goat theft. Well, consider this an unofficial heads-up. 

Jordan was alerted to the missing animal when he was greeted by an Academy officer who told him that a goat was found tied to the median. 

We second Jordan's thought that the prank has run its course. 

You would have thought [the culprits] would have taken [the goat] to somewhere safe. Maybe it’s time the prank stopped.

Yes, it's all fun and games until an animal gets tied to the median of a road. The prank has officially lost its frivolity. 

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