WWE vs. TNA: Dream Card No. 4

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2009

WWE and TNA Presents "King Of The Mountain" (June 14, 2009)

This PPV is similar to the WWE's King of the Ring tournament, but it has a twist to it. There will be five singles matches, and the winners of those matches will advance to the King of the Mountain Ladder Match to try and earn the prestigious name "King of the Mountain." Also, Jeff Jarrett earned the right to challenge for the WWE Championship after winning last month's Battle Brawl.

Match No. 1

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the X-Division Title

Evan Bourne vs. Alex Shelly vs. Chris Sabin vs. Rey Mysterio

Evan Bourne gets another shot at the X-Division Title after, once again, being screwed at Battle Brawl I. At first, the match seemed like a Tornado style tag team match with Mysterio and Bourne teaming up to take on the Machineguns, Shelly and Sabin.

Bourne and Mysterio were doing everything in-synch, performing double dropkicks at the same time, double hurricanranas at the same time, and double clotheslines at the same time, nailing Shelly and Sabin, who both went over the top rope. Shelly and Sabin try to re-group, but as they do, Bourne gets on the top turnbuckle and Mysterio gets on the other. They both cross bodies, with Shelly and Sabin on the outside. Rey then takes Shelly and beats on him while Bourne grabs Sabin to beat on him.

Bourne and Sabin continue to fight on the outside while Mysterio fighting Shelly in the ring. Mysterio began to stick it to Shelly, not sparing him a second to catch his breath. Mysterio dropkicks Shelly, who falls onto the second rope, into the 619 position. Mysterio hits the 619, but as he goes to the top rope, Sabin grabs the X-Division Title and hits Mysterio in the back with it. Mysterio then falls back into the ring. Shelly goes for the cover and eliminates Rey. Bourne is now alone with the Motor City Machine guns.

Bourne begins to fight his butt off against the team of Sabin and Shelly, but Sabin and Shelly begins to double team Bourne for the next seven or eight minutes and wears Bourne of every ounce of energy. With Bourne out and very weak, Sabin signals Shelly to the top rope. Sabin then lifts Bourne on his shoulders, and as Shelly tries to cross-body Bourne off the shoulders of Sabin, Bourne ducks, Shelly crashes into the mat, and Bourne rolls up Sabin and eliminates Sabin.

It's now down to Shelly and Bourne.

Bourne finally gets his hands on Shelly. Bourne begins to just hammer on Shelly and not holding up one bit. Bourne hard irish whips Shelly into the turnbuckle and then backdrops him. Bourne positions Shelly for the shooting star press. But as Bourne tries to hit his star press, Shelly moves and Bourne lands stomach first on the mat. Shelly goes for the pin but Bourne kicks out. Shelly then sets Bourne on the top turnbuckle to try and deliver a back drop. Shelly hits the backdrop but Bourne still kicks out of the pin.

Shelly then positions Bourne to set Bourne up for his shooting star press. As Shelly is on the top rope, Bourne gets to his feet, jumps onto the top rope and delivers a hurricanrana to Shelly off the top rope. Bourne goes for the pin, but Shelly gets his shoulder up. As Bourne stands up, Shelly shoves Bourne into the referee. Shelly grabs the X-Division Title and hits Bourne with it. The ref gets up and Shelly goes for the pin, but Bourne is able to kick out again. Shelly then sets Bourne up on the top turnbuckle to deliver a superplex. But as Shelly tries to superplex Bourne, Bourne counters with headbutts to the skull of Shelly. Bourne then shoves Shelly off the top rope and onto the mat. Bourne gets to his feet and delivers his shooting star press on Shelly. Bourne gets the 1-2-3 and wins his first X-Division gold.  

Match No. 2

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

Before the match begins, Jeremy Borash interviews Kurt and J.B. asks Kurt "What is your strategy for this upcoming King of the Mountain Qualifying match?" Kurt replies, "You know J.B., after being screwed out of my WWE Title match last month and then seeing Jeff Jarrett winning the Battle Brawl, it just completely disgusts me. So after I beat Cena and win the King of the Mountain Match tonight, I'm coming for both Jarrett & The Game!"

Angle comes out first and the expression on his face is intense. Angle means business tonight. Cena comes out second and gets a mix of boos and cheers from the crowd. Raged, Angle doesn't wait for Cena and attacks Cena on the ramp way. Angle begins to beat on Cena on the stage, slamming his head into the wall. Angle then Olympic Slams Cena onto the steel ramp way. Angle then picks up Cena and starts to head back to the ring. Angle rolls Cena in the ring for the first time and now the bell rings, signalling the match as official.

Angle goes for the cover right away, but Cena gets a shoulder up. Angle sets Cena up in the corner and starts to deliver vicious right hands to Cena. Cena begins to start bleeding. After being beat in the corner, Cena falls to the mat and just lays stomach first. Angle takes his straps down, and goes up top. Angle hits the moonsault to the back of Cena. Angle goes for the pin, but Cena is able to still kick out. Angle picks Cena up and screams at Cena asking "Why can't you just give up Cena?!" Cena then counters Angle into the FU and hits the FU to Angle. Cena goes for the pin, but Angle kicks out. As Cena stands up, Angle locks in the sudden ankle lock on Cena. Cena doesn't tap out, but he passes out from the loss of blood, and the ref stops the match.

Angle now advances to the King of the Mountain Match, but before he leaves, Angle brings in a steel chair, and Olympic Slams Cena onto the steel chair. Referees come to ringside and remove Angle. They then help Cena out of the ring.

Match No. 3

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match/United States Title

Petey Williams vs. Shelton Benjamin

Not only is this match a King of the Mountain qualifying match, it is also for Petey's U.S. Title. This match becomes very similar to their first meeting for the U.S. Title a few months back—very back and forth with both men applying great wrestling holds on each other.

Petey gets the advantage on Shelton and begins to take control of the match. Petey starts the work on the leg and back on Shelton and even applies a fellow Canadian's sharpshooter on Benjamin. But Benjamin is able to make it to the rope. Shelton then rolls out of the ring and Petey follows.

Petey whips Shelton into the barricade wall and then sets Shelton up for the Canadian Destroyer and is able to land it on Benjamin! Petey then rolls Shelton back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Benjamin kicks out. Petey then begins to kick Benjamin in the gut, but Benjamin counters and whips Petey all the way around and hits the Painter on Petey. Shelton gets the pin on Petey and advances to the King of the Mountain Match. He also regains his U.S. Title.

Match No. 4

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

Edge vs. Mick Foley

A Wrestlemania 22 rematch but only this time the stakes are higher. This match doesn't become as hardcore as their match from Wrestlemania 22 was, but it still becomes very physical. Edge and Foley just get into a slugfest early on. They soon make their way onto the outside.

Edge begins to ram Foley's head into the announcer's table. Edge then begins to clear off the announcer's table. He then rolls back into the ring to stop the 10 count. Edge throws Foley on the table. Edge begins to set Foley up into the piledriver position, but Foley backdrops Edge, who slams hard on the floor. Foley then grabs Edge and prepares to whip him into the steel steps, but Edge counters, and whips Foley into the steel steps knees first, with Foley flying over the steel steps.

Edge rolls back into the ring, and as Foley gets onto the apron, Edge spears Foley through the ropes, both crashing onto the floor outside the ring. Edge gets up and throws Foley back into the ring. Edge goes for the pin, but Foley kicks out. Edge gets up, all P.O.-ed that he didn't get the pin, and goes into a corner to set up Foley for another spear. As Edge tries to spear Foley, Foley moves out of the way and Edge hits the turnbuckle. Foley then hits the double-arm DDT on Edge. Foley doesn't go for the pin right away. However, he does roll outside but only to grab his signature barbed wire baseball bat from under the ring.

When Foley rolls back in to the ring, Edge stops Foley before Foley can do anything with the barbed-wire bat. Edge throws Foley over the top rope. Edge goes to the outside and slams Foley onto the cleared off announcer's table. Edge gets on top of the table once again and hits the Edgecution DDT. Edge rolls Foley back into the ring, but Foley is able to kick out after another pin attempt by Edge.

Edge begins to yell at the ref. Then, as Edge turns around, Foley pulls out "Mr. Socko" and applies the manible claw on Edge. Before Edge passes out, Edge gets a thumb to the eye of Foley, and with Foley blinded, Edge whips off the ropes and hits the spear on Foley. Edge gets the win and advances to the King of the Mountain match.

Match No. 5

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

Randy Orton vs. Sting

Before the match gets underway, Todd Grisham interviews Randy Orton and asks Orton "How can you defeat the Legend Sting?" Orton answers back with a smirk on his face, "Todd, I am the Legend Killer, ain't I?" and then Orton walks off as his "I Hear Voices" theme music comes on.  

With Orton's theme music blaring, WWE announcer Justin Roberts announces, "The following match is a King of a Mountain Qualifying match scheduled for one fall. On his way to the ring from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 246 pounds, he is the "Legend Killer," Randy Orton." Orton now awaits for Sting in the ring.

Roberts now introduces Sting, "From Venice Beach, California, weighing in at 255 pounds, he is "The Icon," Sting."

Sting makes his way to the ring and begins to stare down Orton. They soon begin to lock up and have a pure wrestling match for the first minutes of the match with headlocks and a variety of different wrestling moves. Sting then is able to work on the leg of Orton, kicking and punching the leg of Orton. Sting drags Orton's leg to the apron, and begins to slam Orton's leg on the edge of the ring.

Orton gets up hurt, but delivers right fists to the face of Sting, as Sting gets back into the ring. Those right fists are followed by Orton's signature back breaker. Orton goes for the pin, but Sting kicks out. Orton gets poised to deliver a RKO, but Sting counters, and tosses Orton over the top rope. Sting slams Orton chest first on the barricade wall. He then slams Orton's shoulder into the steel ring post. Sting rolls Orton back in the ring and begins to further punish Orton's leg.

Sting tries to apply the scorpion death lock, but Orton shoves Sting into the ropes and Orton gets a small cradle on Sting but he kicks out. Orton hard clotheslines Sting and with Sting laid out, Orton begins to stomp Sting's every body part, followed by fury punches to his head. Orton picks Sting up and leans Sting against the ring ropes to deliver more fury punches to the head of Sting. Orton hits the forearm upper cut to Sting, and Sting falls to the mat. Orton picks up Sting again and delivers a suplex. He goes for the cover, but Sting gets a shoulder up.

Orton is poised to deliver another RKO. Orton hits the RKO and goes for the pin but somehow Sting gets a foot on the top. Orton moves Sting from the ropes and attempts to cover Sting again, but he kicks out. As Sting stands up, Orton prepares to deliver that outstanding dropkick of his, but Sting catches Orton and locks in the scorpion death lock. After 21 seconds in the scorpion, Orton finally taps out, and Sting advances to the King of the Mountain Match.

Match No. 6

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match

Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Nash

This qualifying match came about after HBK eliminated Nash in the Battle Brawl. Nash begins to manhandle HBK and dominates him for the first half of the match. After hammering on the back of Michaels for 15 minutes or so, Nash tosses HBK outside. Nash then picks up Shawn and crashes HBK's back into the steel ring post four times. Nash then throws HBK back first into the barricade wall. Nash steps back a few feet and starts to run towards HBK to deliver a big boot. But Shawn moves out of the way and Big Daddy Cool straddles the top of the barricade wall. HBK then begins to give body shots to the body of Nash. HBK gets on top of the barricade wall and clotheslines Nash; Shawn then puts Nash in the ring.

HBK goes to the top rope and delivers an elbow drop to the back of Nash. Shawn goes for the cover but Nash kicks out. Shawn gets up and begins to go to a corner to warm up sweet chin music. As he does, Main Event Mafia member's Scott Steiner and Booker T distract HBK. After HBK takes out Booker and Steiner, Nash gets up, and when HBK turns around Nash delivers his jacknife powerbomb on Michaels. Nash goes for the pin, but Shawn is able to kick out.

As Nash gets up and prepares to deliver another jacknife, HBK counters, and when Nash turns around, Shawn delivers sweet chin music, gets the pinfall, and becomes the final man to advance to the King of the Mountain Match.

Match No. 7

Inferno Match

Kane vs. Abyss

This match is a first because it the first time a six-sided ring was surrounded by fire. As the fire rises and the bell rings, Kane smiles, as he knows what to expect, while he's staring at Abyss. They start the match with a lock-up, but neither can get an advantage, and they step back. The crowd begins to chant "THIS IS AWESOME" as they see these two monsters prepare to set each other in the fire.

Abyss and Kane lock up again and Abyss gets the side headlock on Kane, but Kane counters and shoves Abyss into the ring ropes. Kane delivers a side walk slam with the fire rising higher with every power move. Kane drags Abyss to the fire, but Abyss stops Kane and fights him off. Abyss delivers a big boot to Kane and asks for a steel chair. The time keeper throws in a steel chair.

Abyss hits Kane in the back with the steel chair. Abyss then sets Kane up on the top turnbuckle to deliver a suplex, but Kane fights back and pushes Abyss off the top rope. Kane gets up and delivers his high flying clothesline from the top rope onto Abyss. Kane then grabs the chair and crashes Abyss' skull with it. Abyss begins to bleed.

Kane begins to wear down Abyss for the next seven minutes. When Kane thinks Abyss is wore down enough, he drags Abyss closer to the fire, but Abyss is able to stop Kane again. Abyss delivers right hands as he fights off Kane. Abyss grabs the throat of Kane to deliver a chokeslam, but at the same time, Kane grabs the throat of Abyss as well. Kane shoves Abyss' hand away and chokeslams Abyss. Kane then grabs the chair and sets it on the mat. Kane picks up Abyss to deliver a tombstone on the chair, but Abyss wiggles out of it and whips Kane into the ropes. He hits the Black Hole Slam to Kane on the steel chair. Abyss then drags Kane towards the fire but isn't able to set Kane on fire.

Kane and Abyss begin to slug it out for the next few minutes. When Abyss gets the upper hand, he gets a head of steam, but Kane grabs the steel chair and Abyss runs right into a steel-chair shot by Kane. Kane then picks up Abyss and tombstones him. Kane picks up Abyss again to throw him into the fire, but Abyss grabs the top rope and counters out of Kane. Abyss whips off the ropes to clothesline Kane into the fire but when he does, Kane counters and backdrops Abyss into the fire and out of the ring. Abyss rolls on the ground on the outside, trying to put the fire out until the EMTs comes out. Kane is victorious in the Inferno Match.

Match No. 8

TNA Heavyweight Title

Undertaker vs. AJ Styles

AJ got this title match after his awesome performance in the Battle Brawl. Undertaker came out on RAW and called out AJ and offered him the match of his life. AJ accepted, right before he "pay laid" the Deadman.

Before Undertaker and AJ get things going, they have a face to face stare down. AJ slaps the Undertaker, proving that he isn't afraid of the Phenom. As the match develops, AJ is like the road runner escaping and countering Undertaker's every move, getting in little cheap shots here and there. But when 'Taker finally catches AJ, he throws him into the corner and delivers body shots, whamming on AJ.

AJ becomes senselessafter the fury punches of the Deadman. Undertaker begins to beat on AJ, applying some wrestling moves on AJ such as a short-arm scissors and an arm bar. Undertaker begins to wrench on the arm on AJ to hit old school. But as 'Taker walks the top rope, AJ arm drags 'Taker off, followed by a clothesline over the top rope, but Undertaker lands on his feet on the outside.

Undertaker then grabs the feet of AJ  slides him out of the ring. Undertaker prepares to whip AJ in the steel steps, but AJ counters and 'Taker flies over the steel steps, hitting them knees first. AJ picks up the Deadman and tosses him back into the ring. As the Undertaker sets up, AJ leaps onto the top rope and drives the flying forearm of his into the chest of the Undertaker. AJ goes for the pin, but 'Taker kicks out. AJ then begins to work on those injured knees and the leg of Undertaker. AJ applies a Texas Cloverleaf on 'Taker to try to make the Deadman submit. But Undertaker is able to make it to the rope.

AJ doesn't let go of the hold until the ref forces him to release. AJ then has a few words with the ref, but when AJ turns around, Undertaker grabs the throat of AJ to deliver a chokeslam, but AJ counters and hits Undertaker with the pay lay. Undertaker rolls out of the ring.

With 'Taker on the outside, AJ goes to the top rope, but Undertaker sits up, gets on the apron of the ring, and grabs AJ's throat once again. Undertaker then chokeslams him off the top rope and through the announcer's table. Both men are laid out now. Undertaker makes it back into the ring by the count of four. AJ makes it in the ring by the count of nine. AJ and 'Taker begin to slug it out.

'Taker, though, is able to counter AJ and hits snake eyes, but as Undertaker prepares to deliver a big boot, AJ counters with a dropkick. AJ goes for the pin but 'Taker sits up. AJ then punches Undertaker down, but Undertaker grabs the throat and delivers another thundering chokeslam. 'Taker goes for the pin, but AJ gets a foot on the rope. When 'Taker picks AJ up, AJ counters with a kick to the gut and hits the Styles Clash. AJ attempts the pin, but 'Taker counters. AJ then fights 'Taker into the corner.

AJ gets on top of the Deadman to deliver fury punches, but 'Taker somehow grabs the tights of AJ to deliver his signature last ride out of the corner. But AJ counters and jumps down from the shoulders of Undertaker. When 'Taker turns around, AJ goes for another pay lay, but Undertaker catches AJ into the tombstone position and tombstone's him to retain his TNA Heavyweight Title. After the match, Undertaker raises the hand of AJ as the crowd gives both men a standing ovation.

Match No. 9

WWE Title

Triple H vs. Jeff Jarrett

This match is advertised as "Who is the True King," as "the King of Kings," Triple H, battles the first "King of the Mountain," Jeff Jarrett. And this match surely didn't disappoint.

Jarrett and Triple H start things out pretty elementary, but they soon turn the match into a brawl. They  begin to fight on the outside, which would lead to them fighting into the crowd. Triple H and Jarrett fight out in the crowd for a good 10 minutes before making their way back to the squared circle.

Triple H gets the advantage once back in the ring. He begins to wear down Jarrett and even applying an old school Indian Death Lock. After Jarrett makes it to the rope, Triple H clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope. Triple H then grabs Jarrett and slams Jarrett's back into the edge of the ring, followed by a suplex on the floor. Triple H then rolls Jarrett into the ring.

Triple H delivers the knee drop to Jarrett, followed by a pin attempt, but Jarrett kicks out. Triple H whips Jarrett into the ropes to deliver a knee smash to Jarrett, and when Triple H attempts the pedigree, Jarrett counters and locks in the figure-four leg lock. Triple H is screaming in pain but is able to roll out of it. Jarrett then begins to work on the leg of The Game with kicks and chop locks.

After working on the leg, Jarrett places Triple H on the top rope and delivers a suplex to Triple H from the top rope. Jarrett goes for the pin, but Triple H kicks out. Jarrett then gets behind Triple H, and when Triple H stands up, Jarrett goes for the stroke, but Triple counters and hits a DDT on Jarrett. The Game goes for the pin, but Jarrett gets a shoulder up. Triple H stands up Jarrett, but Jarrett kicks Triple H in the gut and hits Triple H's pedigree on Triple H himself. Jarrett goes for the cover, but exhausted, Triple H kicks out. Jarrett then picks Triple H up and whips him into the rope, but Triple H reverses and hits the spine buster on Jarrett.

Triple H attempts the pin but Jarrett gets a shoulder up. As Triple H pleading to the ref that Jarrett was counted out, Jarrett gets a quick roll up on Triple H, but Triple H is able to kick out. Triple H gets up and he tries to hit a running clothesline. Jarrett ducks, gets behind Triple H and hits the stroke. Jarrett goes for the cover, but Triple H kicks out. Jarrett then goes up to the top rope. As Jarrett tries to hit a cross-body on Triple H, Triple H counters with a kick to the gut of Jarrett, then hits the pedigree on Jarrett to retain his WWE Title.

Match No. 10

King of the Mountain Ladder Match

Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Sting vs. Edge vs. Shawn Michaels

This match is a little different then from TNA's King of the Mountain Match. Instead of a belt you have to hang up, an opponent hangs up a crown on the hook that is suspended above the ring. You can only qualify to hang up the crown after you have pinned one of your opponents in the match. And, of course, the loser of the fall will have to spend two minutes in the penalty box.

This match starts out very wild with everybody going outside to bring in a ladder. Benjamin brings in the ladder first; Angle and he begin to fight over it. Angle sets the ladder into a corner, and with help from Edge, belly-to-belly suplex Benjamin in the ladder.

Sting and HBK continue to fight on the outside. After Olympic slamming Benjamin, Angle gets the pin, causing Benjamin to spend time in the box. Edge and Angle begin to fight with Sting and HBK still fighting on the outside.

Edge tosses Angle over the top rope and then sets up the ladder. Edge climbs to the top and splashes off onto Sting, HBK, and Angle on the outside of the ring. Edge grabs Sting and tosses him in the ring. Edge goes for a pin, but Sting kicks out. With Edge and Sting fighting in the ring, HBK takes a belly-to-belly suplex on the floor from Angle.

Benjamin's time is up, and he returns to the match and hits the painter on Sting. Benjamin gets the pin on Sting. So far, Benjamin and Angle are the only ones who are qualified to hang the crown up. 

With HBK laid out on the floor, Angle grabs the crown to hang it up. As he gets on the apron, Edge spears Angle, causing him to fall onto the floor on the outside. When Edge turns around, Benjamin prepares to deliver a superkick, but Edge blocks the kick and counters it into the his signature edgecution. When Edge goes for the pin, Angle slides Edge out of the ring and tosses him into the steel steps. Sting now returns to the match.

Angle finally brings the crown in and begins to climb the ladder. As he does, Benjamin climbs too, and performs a t-bone suplex to Angle off the top of the ladder. Benjamin pins Angle, who now has to spend two minutes in the box. Sting comes in and hits the scorpion death drop on Benjamin. With Benjamin laid out on the mat, Edge drags Sting out of the ring. HBK climbs to the top of the ladder and hits the elbow to Benjamin off the top of the ladder.

Edge sets up for the spear in the corner to nail HBK but HBK moves, and Edge crashes into the ring post. HBK goes for the roll up on Edge, but he kicks out. HBK runs toward Edge, but Edge counters and back drops HBK over the top rope.

Angle now returns to the match. As he returns, he gets behind Edge to deliver an Olympic slam, but Edge counters, and hits the spear on Angle. Edge gets the 1-2-3 pin, causing Angle to go back to the box. Edge then proceeds to climb the ladder. Sting comes in and tips the ladder over, causing him to fall over the top rope and onto the outside.

Sting then locks in the scorpion death lock on Benjamin. As he locks it on, HBK comes back in, and delivers the sweet chin music to Sting. HBK gets the pin on Sting. Angle leaves the box as Sting enters.

HBK and Angle renew their rivalry they had back in 2005, and deliver a semi-kind of match they had at Wrestlemania 21. Both men begin to climb the ladder, but Edge comes in and shoves the ladder over, causing Angle and HBK to fall off.

Edge now grabs the crown and starts climbing the ladder. As Edge climbs, Benjamin jumps onto the ladder and begins to punch him until both fall off.

HBK makes his way back into the ring. Sting returns to the match, but when he gets on the apron, HBK hits another sweet chin music to Sting. Sting falls to the floor. HBK begins to climb the ladder now. Angle gets up, too, and German suplexes HBK off the ladder.

Angle begins to climb the ladder now, and when he is about to hang up the crown, John Cena comes down to the ring, all taped and bandaged up. He hits Angle with a steel chain, then proceeds to climb the ladder. Cena then FU's Angle off the ladder, payback for the beating he sufferred earlier in the night from Angle. Angle is laid out.

With the opportunity there and with everybody laid out, Edge gets up, grabs the crown, and climbs the ladder. Edge then hangs the crown up, while living up to his nickname of the "Ultimate Opportunist" as he becomes the new King of the Mountain.


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