The Nickel: The 500th Episode Of Smackdown

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 20, 2009

Today, the 500th episode of Smackdown will be discussed before it airs tonight. Many people have seen spoilers, but I have only seen the result of one match in the entire two weeks' worth of spoilers.

Therefore, I will discuss tonight's milestone show.

500th Smackdown episode

This is great milestone for Smackdown. Since its inception in 1999, Smackdown has been rolling, and has become quite the show. A three-hour episode will air tonight, which is rare if you think about it.

Many superstars will be there from all three brands in this much-needed show.

The way RAW and ECW were this week, Smackdown seems poised to save the day for wrestling fans. Though they were spoilers this week, we have chosen not to look at them, except for the one match.

The rest is a toss least for tonight.

HBK will be on tonight, too which is a treat. I'm looking forward to a "Undertaker-HBK" segment because it was pretty much the only good thing this week aside from the MNM2-Colons angle and Cena's beating, which everyone loved.

What must be done for tonight's show?


These four are like a plague.

They were the main event at RAW this week, and it was horrible (aside from the Cena beating).

I'm scared that this match will close WrestleMania. I'm just tired of seeing Vickie crying or in distress, subsequently having to watch Edge and Big Show come along and comfort her, only to fight on later on.

"I love you Vickie, Big Show is using you". Edge goes.

"I love you Vickie, Edge is using you". Big Show goes.

This isn't going to end for a while, but please don't ruin Smackdown with these four.

Judging by what happened on RAW, Edge and Big Show are going to have a confrontation only to both be destroyed by Cena.

It is a three-hour show, so please...don't plague the show.

U.S Title Match/MITB Build up

The U.S. Title match is the thing I looked at in the two weeks' worth of Smackdown spoilers. I had good reasoning for looking at this match, as I believe it will affect the MITB.

Anyway, Shelton and MVP have a good feud going that will storm into Smackdown tonight when the belt is defended.

Isn't it just weird having the U.S. title on the line so close to WrestleMania.

However, there is a lot more on the line than meets the eye.

Aside from these two MITB participants mixing it up tonight, who else will?

I really don't care if I don't see Kane, Henry, or Finlay in action. It is almost a fact that Christian will compete tonight, but I really want to see a man who was snubbed from the MITB tonight.

I want to see R-Truth in action. With three hours of show, his chances of competing are automatically increased.


When that theme comes on, my eyes will be glued.


Finally, the two brothers fought last week.

Matt Hardy finally crossed the line when he talked about Jeff's suspension, house fire, and dead dog. Jeff had enough and came out to confront his heartless brother.

After some talking, Jeff lunged at Matt and  the two scuffled in the ring.

Matt escaped and was apologizing to his brother. He looked sincere...until he walked up the ramp and cracked a smile when his back was turned to Jeff, who looked concerned after attacking Matt.

I'm looking for some transition tonight, as I am confident that it will occur smoothly.

This is probably the only feud that is one show and not on both RAW and Smackdown.

This feud seems to be going as good (if not better) as the other feuds that have hit stumps along the way.

Will Matt strike again? Will Jeff resist again?

Questions will be answered tonight as the two brothers move a step closer to their match on the grandest stage of them all.

Orton and Triple H

Ever since Triple H engaged in the feud with Orton, he's been on RAW more and more, and on Smackdown less and less.

It's like Triple H was already drafted to RAW.

It is time for the game to come back to Smackdown, as it's been about two weeks. Stephanie seems to be fine now, but Orton is not, and Legacy should be showing up tonight, especially when it's the three-hour, 500th episode.

Earlier this week on RAW, Triple H thwarted Orton and Legacy once again by bringing down a cage and beating the crap out of Cody Rhodes, who also was hit with a sledge hammer.

This is two weeks in a row that Orton's plans have backfired. Will he finally regain the upper hand tonight?

It doesn't matter what happens between the two, just make it good.


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