WWE Survivor Series 2012: Will Dolph Ziggler Cash in Money in the Bank?

Dathen Boccabella@@dathbocAnalyst IINovember 18, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com.
Photo courtesy of WWE.com.

At Money in the Bank back in July, Dolph Ziggler overcame seven other men to claim a contract for a guaranteed World Heavyweight title opportunity at any time within the next year. Later that night, and on the following episode of SmackDown, Ziggler would attempt to cash in his briefcase, but to no avail.

Following Money in the Bank, Ziggler entered into a feud with Chris Jericho that lasted through a loss at SummerSlam and a victory in the rematch on Raw. Ziggler would attempt to cash in his contract on a prone Sheamus again on the next episode of SmackDown, only to be hit with an RKO from Randy Orton.

This feud with Orton would see a match at Night of Champions where Ziggler was once again defeated, further burying any momentum or chance for an imminent push into title contention. Indeed, Ziggler has taken a back seat since winning Money in the Bank, especially considering he wrestled for the Heavyweight title just prior to Money in the Bank, at both No Way Out and again on SmackDown.

Survivor Series this Sunday sees Ziggler take a step forward towards prominence, as he leads Team Ziggler against Team Foley in the traditional elimination tag team match. However, other than being a featured tradition at Survivor Series, this match ultimately has nothing riding upon its outcome.

Regardless, it could be that Ziggler will steal the spotlight anyway if he cashes in his briefcase after Big Show and Sheamus face off in their Hell in a Cell return match. Without Ziggler soon becoming involved in the title picture, there is the risk that Sheamus and Big Show’s feud will become stale just as Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio’s rivalry did earlier this year.

More than likely, the heel Big Show will retain his title to solidify his only three-week reign, especially after his fleeting less-than-a-minute reign of last year. With Ziggler also currently as a heel, it seems unlikely that Survivor Series will be where he cashes in, but nothing can be ruled out.

In the mind of many fans it has almost been forgotten that Ziggler has a title opportunity available at any time he desires. That is a good thing.

In recent years the WWE has opted for quick cash-ins, so it would be refreshing to see Creative book Ziggler’s moment off in the future when it’s more unexpected. Whether that’s at WrestleMania XXIX or anywhere up to Money in the Bank 2013, it is a good thing for WWE to hold off on Ziggler’s title reign.

The World Heavyweight Championship picture may be unenthralling without Ziggler’s involvement at Survivor Series, but a little bit of patience here will make the payoff more rewarding for us fans when Ziggler does eventually cash in his briefcase.

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