Giants' Brandon Crawford 5-Year Old Self Featured in Coolest World Series Story

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 26, 2012

To all the young baseball fans out there who have ever felt disappointment because of your team, chin up. You may one day become their starting shortstop. 

Fox Sports anchor Jaime Maggio tweeted one of the best stories surrounding the World Series, and it involves a downtrodden 5-year-old boy who grew up to play in the biggest games for his favorite team. 

It all involves Brandon Crawford, who currently plays shortstop for the San Francisco Giants, but that wasn't always the case. 

Here is the tweet that explains it all.

Fun Fact: SF Giants SS Brandon Crawford twitter.com/jaimemaggio/st…

— Jaime Maggio (@jaimemaggio) October 26, 2012

If you want further proof that life is pretty damn wonderful sometimes, there is this report from the San Francisco Chronicle that furthers this very true tall tale. 

It tells of the Crawford family and their move from Menlo Park to Pleasanton, all the while maintaining Giants loyalty and transferring that to their young one. 

When he was 5 and the Giants announced that they were fleeing Candlestick and moving to Florida, he was devastated; a Chronicle photographer caught his forlorn face in what was considered the final series at the Stick.

As we know, the team never moved to Florida, but they did move locations when Crawford was in middle school. 

At that time, his family purchased a brick that remains outside Willie Mays Plaza. As the report states, he is the only player to have purchased one while the thought of playing on the inside of AT&T Park was merely a dream. 

Now he suits up for the team he followed all his life. From the cold nights at Candlestick, to the thought of them leaving to another state, to now hoping to bring the World Series home, Crawford has been with them the entire way. 

Dream big, kids. You may one day fulfill the wildest of your fantasies. 

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