The Showdown: The Rock Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Is the Greatest Feud EVER!!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 13, 2009

There have been some great feuds in the wrestling world, from Sting vs Hogan in WCW, Tommy Dreamer vs Sandman in ECW, heck even TNA had a decent feud between Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle, but when one feud comes to mind, the greatest feud ever has to be The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin.

You are bought to go one on one with the great one and that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so. You mix these two great characters together in a match and what do you receive you receive the most electrifying, fresh open can of whoop a** feud in wrestling history.

If it wasn't for these two superstars, I dont think we would even have a WWE right now the dominant show that took over the globe would have been WCW. Before these two crossed paths, they were on a long journey to succeed in the business they loved.

Stone Cold had a rocky start as a member of the Hollywood Blonde's in WCW obviously that went no where as Mr. Bishoff did our boy Stone Cold wrong and fired him. So the rattle snake came to the then WWF and had some character failures that I'm not going to mention, lol.

Then finally the head of WWF said forget it let him be him. So then we got the beer drinking, open a can of whoop a** wrestler in the WWF. His journey to the top was completed when he beat the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels for the WWF World title at Wrestlemania.

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The Rock had a different ride as he started out as happy go lucky Rocky Maivia. He did not succeed with this character so WWF thought he would be better with the Nation of Dominance (The wrestling Black Panthers).

That's when after a while the attitude the swagger erupted from Maivia and the Bull Horns came out and all you could see is The Rock.

The Rock took his biggest step towards main event status when he won the Deadly Game Tournament—a 14-man tournament to crown the WWE Champion at Survivor Series. He defeated Mankind in the finals to secure is spot at the top of the WWF.

But what The Rock didn't know is when you team with the McMahon's to get to the top you might just get bit. After aligning him self with Shane and Vince McMahon this was the unfolding of a historic rivalry against the man we call Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Every time these two got into the ring with each other you knew you were going to get your money's worth. You knew it was going to be the match of the night and you knew these two man will give all they got to make the greatest match in wrestling history.

This is why this feud is the greatest feud in wrestling HISTORY. Not only did it launch these two's career's to mega super stardom it saved their beloved company that we know now as the WWE.

To conclude there really is much left to say as this feud is the greatest feud ever not only in WWE history but in all WRESTLING history and that's the bottom line if you SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL what

Tyler has written.

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