Jesse Ventura Wants WWE to Be Investigated By the U.S. Government

Michael Wollin@MichaelWollinCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

Jesse Ventura did an interview with CYInterview.com and part of the interview he touched on the WWE. The main point was he would like to see an investigation on the company.

The question in the interview was talking about when Ventura was in wrestling he would put up literature in the locker room about forming a wrestlers union and he would be punished for doing that and asked did he think there would be any type of union even though its sports entertainment?

He responded by saying “Probably not. You know what bothers me even more? It is one of the things that if I would run for the Senate I was going to do a senatorial investigation on the WWE.

And you know for concerning what? What’s even a bigger importance is the fact that today they are still called independent contractors by the government which is absurd. They tell you when you wrestle. They tell you who you wrestle. They tell whether you win or lose. They tell you where you’re going to wrestle.

They are your boss as much as any job in the universe. Yet McMahon is able to get away with calling all the wrestlers even today when he has them signed to exclusive contracts he still is allowed to call them independent contractors where they have to pay their own social security and he doesn’t have to pay a penny.”

With Ventura saying that he brings up a good point on this subject of WWE calling their in-ring performers independent contractors.

Raven, Chris Kanyon, and Mike Sanders in a failed attempt sued the WWE for health insurance and other benefits that they had to pay for out of pocket. That is due to WWE calling their performers independent contractors.

Most WWE performers do not really complain about it too much or not at all. Is it that they are afraid to talk about it?

This is a big subject that is talked about to where some believe that there should be a wrestlers union or wrestlers should be involved in the actors union S.A.G.

So on that subject. Should there be an investigation into the fact that WWE performers are considered independent contractors even though they sign exclusive deals to WWE?

It is a big subject that needs to be looked into.


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