Down Since Day One: The Debut: Addition By Subtraction

Chris BrowneCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

Most of our top writers have their own series; Shane has his Gripe, JLB's publishing his own revolution, and AkD pops out series like prescription drugs. 

All this prompted me to start my own series, Down Since Day One, meant to signify the way things are supposed to be. 

That being said, let the games begin...

You want to talk about an economic crisis? How about getting rid of some of the people who serve no purpose in the WWE as of late. 

From the Raw Brand alone...


Do I even need to ask anyone to provide a reason she's still employed in the WWE, besides to be a jobber to Mickie James, Melina or Kelly Kelly? 

It's obvious there's no other reason to keep her around, unless she's dating someone in management that is under the radar....

Charlie Haas

This one might cause a few people to scratch their heads, but Haas is wasting away nowadays. He's been nothing since the split-up of WGTT, and to my knowledge hasn't even gotten a singles push at all. 

He got a brief comedy stint as an impersonator on Raw for a bit, personally I loved seeing MVP vs MVC live in Philly at the Slammy's this year, but where has he been as of late? And how long can he go on with that gimmick before you have to cut ties?

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan

The man is a legend and there's not a doubt in my mind that the only reason he hasn't already been inducted is because the "First Active Roster Member in the Hall of Fame" position was reserved for one Ric Flair. But does he even get TV time anymore?

Sure he's a well-known face, and anyone that's seen him live can tell you that he works the crowd about as good as anyone of his age in the business, but give him a purpose, like Flair's "job" as a PR rep, or cut him.

Jamie Noble

When was the last time the man won anything of importance? He plays that "lovable loser" character, especially in feuds with William Regal, and, of all people, Chuck Palumbo. The former doesn't even get TV time as of late, and the latter made the "Future Endeavors List", so what does that say about the "Jamie Noble Rub"?


Speaking of people who serve ABSOLUTELY no purpose anymore, drop Layla, please. Easy on the eyes, no doubt, but what does she DO?

Sim Snuka

You gave him a nice little push when he debuted his "true self." Now give him some actual purpose.

WWE had the possibility of a feud between Umaga, Sim and Manu against Legacy in the form of some Legacy vs. Samoan Legacy action. It would have benefited Manu to be involved in a match with someone like Umaga, someone much more his style.

Manu's gone, and Umaga's doing nothing. Team him up with Sim, give him some kind of purpose.

I could continue this list and say get rid of Ziggler, as he's doing nothing, and send Punk packing back to ROH for my personal amusement. But, whether it is for the wrong reasons or not, Punk has staying power with the fans, and Ziggler is, for lack of a better adjective, amusing.


Ryder and Hawkins

Either give them purpose as Edge's cronies or get rid of them. Does anyone remember that they actually held the WWE Tag Titles?

Not like the belt has importance, but Cryme Tyme are 10 times as useful yet they've never even held a belt, whereas Ryder and Hawkins both already have. Cut them please.

Jesse and Festus

Again, not like the WWE Tag Team Title division is of any importance as it is, but when was the last time they were on TV? How long can the whole "classical-conditioning" storyline work?

Funaki and Jimmy Wang Yang

Not as much calling for them to be cut, but pair them up and let them feud for the tag titles. Both are decent workers, and Funaki wasn't even important enough to be noticed missing when he got suspended for steroids, therefore give them both some relevance.

DH Smith

I know a lot of people may want my head after this one, but the man has had two shots now and ruined them both. He dropped the ball on the whole new-Hart Foundation idea and now it looks like Natalya is paired up with Tyson Kidd. Give him something to do.


Break him away from TBK. The program is stale.

I could wish for either Khali or Kozlov, but I full well know the reason why both are employed by the WWE; marketing.

Khali is going to become God No. 3001 over in India, and Kozlov is a weak attempt at a Western Europe/Russian marketing ploy. Kozlov serves no purpose now, the only angle he had was his undefeated streak, which has been broken by HBK.  

Send him to ECDub or cut him loose.


Ricky Ortiz

Give him something to do! I saw the man live in Philly over a year ago in a dark match, where he picked up the win as Atlas Da Bone against future HOF Member Kenny Dykstra in an impressive match. Give him something to do, plug him in somewhere else.

The Burchills

C'mon, they had somewhat of a push on Raw, and then nothing.


I love the gimmick, though most hate it. I love the strut coming to the ring looking like he's having a seizure. But his type of role serves no purpose on ECW.

Most people know what to expect with ECW; one or two squash matches, one of those possibly a tag match, and one decent match. 

His form of comedic role does nothing on a small show like ECW. Move him to Raw or Smackdown, at least let his promos be seen by more than 200 people.

Actually, while i'm at it, scrap the entire brand of ECW as a whole. Bring back the Hardcore titles, rename the ECW Championship, and send one title to Raw and one to Smackdown. Make Raw and Smackdown an hour longer, and send six or so members to Smackdown and six or so to Raw.

Filter out from there who actually gets pushes on what brand, who jobs, and from there on, again, cut ties and send them packing.

We talk about recession, we talk about economic crisis. There are simple ways to increase the overall production by focusing on a topic often discussed here on B/R: Quality over Quantity.

Take notes colleagues. This has been Addition by Subtraction.


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