Power Ranking the Most Memorable Photos from 2012-13 NBA Media Day

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIOctober 2, 2012

Power Ranking the Most Memorable Photos from 2012-13 NBA Media Day

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    October 1, 2012  marked the day that the national media and NBA players have long awaited. The teams come together, the photographers gather 'round and journalists grab their pens, pads and tape recorders.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have made it through the 2012-13 NBA Media Day in one piece.

    Through all of the memorable quotes and guarantees of success were moments that will be forever captured in time. These, of course, are the photographs taken of the NBA players and coaches on this great day.

    As for which photos will live on and define this season, the following 15 slides will offer insight into just that.

15. Ben Gordon Is Thrilled to Be a Bobcat...

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    Regardless of what pose Ben Gordon was asked to perform, the photos don't lie. Gordon seems to none too pleased to be a member of the Charlotte Bobcats.

    When the team you're involuntarily traded to is coming off of a season in which they went 7-59, it's tough to find reason for optimism. Let's just say that this picture says a thousand words.

14. The New 5

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    When the Miami Heat signed former Seattle Supersonic teammates Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, many claimed the defending champions had become a lock to repeat. For the first time, we now have an answer to the question that we all have been asking.

    Did the Miami Heat really just add two of the greatest three-point shooters in NBA history to an already stellar roster?

    This picture answers that question and instills fear in any opponent who comes their way. Not only will the Big Three torch you for a combination of 60-to-70 points per game, but Lewis and Allen will consistently stroke it from distance.

    Those small but dominant lineups just got a whole lot more difficult to defend.

13. Old-Timers with a Pickaxe

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    There's just something overwhelmingly comical about George Karl holding a pickaxe. There's something equally as amusing about the outfit Karl chose for media day and the uniform the Denver Nuggets have opted to unveil.

    I suppose that's why this makes the list of the most memorable photos from the 2012-13 NBA Media Day.

    What's best about this photograph is how well it sums up George Karl's relationship with his players. Karl has always been known as a player's coach, transforming the underachievers to borderline stars by offering unbreakable attention to their morale and progression.

    This latest act of camaraderie will be remembered as the moment that he and veteran Andre Miller embodied the young Nuggets' image.

12. Believe It or Not, D-Wade and Chalmers Get Along!

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    One of the lasting memories from the Miami Heat's 2012 championship run was the relationship between Mario Chalmers and his star teammates. Whether it was LeBron James or Dwyane Wade, both seemed to take out their frustrations on Chalmers whenever he was available to get an earful.

    As this photograph proves, however, Mario Chalmers is in fact capable of getting on his teammate's good side.

    D-Wade appears to have taken a few moments out from berating Chalmers for his mistakes for a good laugh. Chances are, Wade was simply reminding Chalmers of how little time he has left before receiving verbal beatings from his teammates once again.

11. Derrick Rose and His Fu Manchu

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    When he's not relentlessly working at rehabilitating his knee or displaying a level of emotion that most professional athletes are incapable of letting show, Derrick Rose is all smiles. Well, not all smiles.

    He's got a bit of a fu manchu as well.

    Despite being scheduled to miss roughly half of the 2012-13 regular season, Rose spent media day with his Chicago Bulls teammates. In that time, Rose pulled this and a few other tricks out to prove that he's maintaining a level head on the road to recovery.

    If his play is as nice as that fake facial hair, the Bulls may not be as far down as some have projected.

10. D-12 Brings the Smiles

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    When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dwight Howard, the world was keen on evaluating the potential on-court repercussions. What we've all seemed to overlook, however, is how much of a character Howard has proven to be off of the court.

    Strip away all of the trade demands and you have a kind-hearted player who has always managed to make those around him smile. This down-to-earth personality may just be the perfect yin to Kobe Bryant's yang.

    If nothing else, he'll sure bring some excitement.

9. Retro Style

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    If retro police movies were made with 7'0" tall men, Andrew Bynum and Spencer Hawes would be the perfect candidates to fill the roles of James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs.

    Bynum's old-school fro is met by Hawes' smooth and sleek hairstyle that suggests he's fresh out of another decade. While this duo won't gain many style points for their respective styles of play on the court, they gain praise for the way they look off of it.

    Andrew Bynum is already making waves in Philadelphia. Thus far, however, they're mostly found on his head.

8. Nate Robinson Hides Behind Joakim Noah

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    What do you get when 5'9" Nate Robinson meets 6'11" Joakim Noah? Two of the NBA's most enjoyable characters becoming media favorites from day one.

    For those hoping to snap a picture, however, you may have a tough time finding Lil' Nate.

    This picture epitomizes Nate Robinson's 2011 regular season. Despite posting a PER of 18.55 to go with solid averages of 11.2 points, 4.5 assists and 1.2 steals per game in 23.4 minutes per game, Robinson was considered by many to be an afterthought.

    Consider this image to be a sign of things to come as Joakim Noah and Nate Robinson team with Taj Gibson for a fan favorite rotation. A rotation that will be built off of energy, passion and efficiency.

    Until then, enjoy this comical frame.

7. Aw Shucks...

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    Tyler Zeller looks as if he were the recipient of one of two things: a compliment from his elementary school crush or a question of why he stole his brother Cody's spotlight during the NCAA Tournament.

    Either way, this bashful flick is certain to become a favorite amongst his teammates.

    Specifically the veterans who will engage in a mix of taunting and hazing during his rookie season. Godspeed to you, Mr. Zeller.

6. Boozer Gangnam Style

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    CBS Sports put this twist on Carlos Boozer's Kanye West inspired glasses. Although the relevance of the song and photos involved is in question, the fact that Boozer was open to such lighthearted photos certainly wins him brownie points.

    Boozer is one of the most heavily-criticized players in the NBA for his superstar salary and often underwhelming production. The quality of his 2011-12 season and character in this photo, however, prove that he may be more deserving of our praise.

    If nothing else, let's at least praise Carlos Boozer for keeping it comical.

5. D-Rose Has Heard Enough

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    There's just something about those Chicago Bulls that makes them so personable. Unfortunately, their captain has had just about enough of the talk and is ready for some basketball!

    Although he'll have to wait until 2013 to put his talents on full display, Rose has found his way into our hearts slightly early with this photo. The soft-spoken superstar has always been an enigma when it comes to who he is off of the floor.

    We now know that Rose is as amicable, fun-loving young man. For any who look to debate that opinion, this picture is the only argument I need.

4. Changing the Culture

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    Remember when we spoke of Dwight Howard changing the "old-man" culture of the Los Angeles Lakers? Well, who would have thought that his partner in crime would be the oldest player on the entire Lakers roster?

    Steve Nash has long been known as one of the most popular off-the-court personalities in the league. From his appearances in commercials to his spoofs on movies, Nash has made it known that he can bring the laughs.

    With D-12 as his partner in comedy, the entire dynamic of the Los Angeles Lakers locker room is in for a major change.

3. Kobe Lets Loose

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    See? Culture shock.

    Never will Kobe Bryant be accused of taking his eye off of the prize. He's a five-time NBA champion and arguably the greatest player to hit the NBA since Michael Jordan.

    That doesn't mean that the surefire Hall of Famer can't sit back and let it all go for a day, though. That's exactly what Kobe is doing here, as this candid photo sums up what the Los Angeles Lakers have become.

    A laid-back, dangerous team that is not afraid to enjoy themselves on the path to yet another NBA title.

2. Definition of Manimal

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    Over the past year, Kenneth Faried has gone from obscurity to the leader of a cult following. At the heart of the praise is his overwhelming tenacity, elite rebounding skills and pummeling physicality at the point of attack.

    As a result, Faried has garnered the nickname of "manimal."

    Troy Babbitt's photograph sums the nickname up to perfection. With two pickaxes hanging over his shoulder and blazing emotion in his face, Faried's character has been defined. More importantly, that questionable new jersey has been nullified.

    For now.

1. LeBron James' Iconic Photo

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    There are photos that make us laugh. Some even make us reminisce. Once in a generation, however, there is a photograph that captures a player in his most genuine form.

    This is one of those pictures.


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