CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Mascot Buzz Gets Tackled by Horrible Fan

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 2, 2012

Not cool, bro. 

Here is a video that should strike fear in the hearts of every mascot hoping to entertain from the field this weekend. 

Some fans are to be feared, lest they go all James Harrison on you and provide an illegal hit for all to see. 

The Winnipeg Free Press has more on this incident that took place at a Canadian Football League game and involved the Winnipeg Blue Bombers mascot, Buzz. 

The incident occurred during a commercial break in the televised game, during which time Winnipeg Blue Bomber's mascots Buzz and Boomer performed for fans.

At that time, some crazed fan who apparently has some vendetta against mascots, mascots named Buzz or both, streaked across the field and tackled poor 'ol Buzz. 

According to the report, team spokesman Darren Cameron stated the fan was dealt with and evicted from the premises. 

More importantly, Buzz was unharmed. 

This brings us to the lesson of the day for fans who really should know better. First off, you don't belong on the field. 

Secondly, don't harm the mascots. I know there is the equivalent of a giant plush doll in front of you, but there is a real person in there who could get hurt. 

Other than that, mascots, please watch your blind side. 

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