5 Reasons Why Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal Can Win Rookie of the Year

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5 Reasons Why Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal Can Win Rookie of the Year

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    The upcoming crop of NBA rookies is one of the more exciting groups we have witnessed in a while. With plenty of guys having the potential to be true stars, it will be interesting to see who jumps out of the gate in terms of immediate success.

    One name that should be considered a major contender for NBA Rookie of the Year is the Washington Wizards' Bradley Beal. The shooting guard has the tools to become an elite scorer along with revolutionizing the position for future draftees.

    Expect nothing less than a spectacular rookie season from Beal. He was selected with much hype, but rightfully so.

    Even if it takes his game time to adjust to the professional level, he is bound to make his presence felt in the upcoming season.

    Let's check out why he has the potential to have a phenomenal first season, if not capture the Rookie of the Year award.

He's NBA Ready

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    Based on his NBA Summer League showing, Beal is ready to contribute immediately. The former Florida Gator put up promising averages of 17.6 points and 4.7 rebounds in five great games.

    Despite playing against lesser competition, Beal looked highly confident in his time on the floor. He showed the willingness to be an aggressive scorer along with the ability to distribute when needed.

    Having the mental game down is one of the most important things for any young player. If he can focus on slowly progressing and fixing the kinks in his skill set, Beal will develop into something special before season's end.

    As is, he will be an effective scorer with plenty of upside. Don't be surprised to see him put up plenty of big games, possibly leading all rookies in scoring for the year.


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    Beal was a prolific scorer in his lone college season, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that he's actually a pretty well-rounded shooting guard. By averaging 6.7 rebounds and 1.4 steals a game, he showed he can be highly effective on both ends of the floor.

    While a trigger-happy shooter from deep, Beal can also get to the rim with solid consistency. Having the talents to be well-balanced will play a big role in his offensive production coming up.

    Even if he is undersized, he remains a powerful guard who doesn't shy away from physical play. On both ends of the floor, Beal isn't afraid to body-up and make plays whenever needed.

    His versatility will be key in his career going forward. He doesn't lack much as far as a particular skill goes, but he still has plenty of time to polish his game.

Quick Impact for His Team

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    Washington is not currently being touted as a playoff contender. That's fair; however, Beal could lead this team to being ultra-competitive in the upcoming season.

    If nothing else, the Wizards are on pace to have a turnaround season in order to gain some credibility heading forward. They have some nice young pieces in play along with some resourceful veteran role players to help the learning curve.

    Having a reliable rookie scorer to build around will immediately pay off in terms of production. Washington could use a consistent option, which Beal seems destined to become.

    Beal will be another player who can make others surrounding him better. He's got a great and competitive mindset that will hopefully rub off on his teammates.

    Washington should show flashes of promise throughout the season. Expect Beal to be a huge part of that.

Makes a Dangerous Backcourt with John Wall

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    This duo is going to cause nightmares for opposing teams fairly soon. With athleticism and scoring ability, Beal and John Wall are poised to be a special combo in the backcourt.

    The great thing about Beal's fit in Washington is his solid ball-handling skills. With no reliable point guard coming off the bench, he will be a big factor in taking pressure off the budding Wall.

    Being able to spread the floor will be crucial for the flow of Washington's offense. This will be an outstanding asset that they will be able to utilize with great proficiency.

    Seeing as how Wall's jumper isn't up to par, he will likely rely on getting inside to score. If he drives and collapses defenses, Beal could find many open shot opportunities on the wing.

    This is going to be a fast-paced team that should be highly exciting to watch. With the right seasoning and time, there is no limit to what these guys can accomplish together.

The Scoring Trend in Voting

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    By now, I'm sure you understand the fact that this kid can score. That being said, voters of this award seem to love dangerous scorers when it comes to punching the ballots.

    In fact, only three rookies in the past decade have won the Rookie of the Year award without being the top scorer in their class. To put that into a deeper perspective, LeBron James was successful in capturing the award, but he was a mere fraction of a point from outscoring Carmelo Anthony on the season.

    Based on the fact that Beal has a great chance at leading this class in scoring, he should be considered a major contender, if not the favorite for this season.

    However, there could easily be an exception this time around.

    A guy like Anthony Davis obviously shouldn't be counted out. The top pick in the draft has the amazing tendency to change a game defensively perhaps better than any player currently in the NBA. If his offensive game shifts fast, there would be little holding him back.

    Throw in other favorites like Damian Lillard and Harrison Barnes, and this should be considered one of the deeper draft classes in recent memory.

    While many guys will make a strong run to earn the award, I'll stick by the trend of choosing the top scoring rookie to bring it home.

    Seeing as how Beal is a highly notable scorer, it'd only be logical to include him in preliminary predictions.


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