This Year's Ladder Match, Definitely Not Money in the Bank

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 6, 2009

I may be wrong in my opinion, but this year's Money in the Bank ladder match needs some work.

Not only is this the 25th anniversary the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment, but this is Money In The Bank's fifth birthday.

This one should be bigger and better than all of the preceding matches; as you always try to top last year's event.

Contestant 1: CM Punk

Pros: The only reason why Mr. Punk should be in Money In The Bank is because he won last year. You should always come back and try to defend your crown.

He is the kind of guy you can see in this type of match. He is extreme, he is not a super heavyweight, and he has done exceptionally well in his last two showings.

Cons:He is the Intercontinental champion. This title should be defended at Mania, number one because there are only five men's singles titles, and only three of them are being defended. Number two when is the last time the IC title was defended at Mania?

CM Punk has never had a solo match at Wrestlemania, nor has he had a good title defense. While he is a good contender for a major title, I dont think he deserves to win because he already is a title holder.

Overall Good Choice? I guess.

Contestant 2: Kane

Pros: Kane hasn't been WWE Champion since June 1998. His title run lasted not even a whole 24 hours. If anyone deserves to be champ, it's Kane.

With that being said, he should be in this match. He was in the first-ever MITB ladder match and hasn't made an appearance since.

Even though Kane isn't a specialist at ladder matches, the hunger for the title should be enough for us to see an upset.

Cons:Like I said, Kane is not a ladder match specialist. It will be hard for him to compete in this type of match because of his size. But back in the masked days, Kane used his agility more than he has now.

Maybe if he used this agility in the match, he might fare better with other competitors. But with age, your only limited to do so much. Unless your Shawn Michaels.

Overall Good Choice? Yes. Kane's hunger will overcome his size to pick up the victory.

Contestant 3: Mark Henry

Pros: Let me know if you have any. At least we will hear his theme song; its kinda catchy.

Cons: They're obvious. This is not his type of match. He may think he is extreme, but not enough for Money In The Bank. His size will slow him down and he isn't entertaining at all.

Overall Good Choice: Horrible. Not his type of match at all. With all the high flyers the WWE has to offer, this is something that I wish never happened.

Contestant 4: Shelton Benjamin

Pros:Looks like nothing's going to stop him from being in the match once again, not even being the United States Champion. Shelton Benjamin has the most experience in MITB, participating in three events.

With experience on his side ealso comes athletism. He knows what he is capable of and will always bring more to the table, especially in MITB.

Cons: Shelton Benjamin, just like CM Punk, holds a title. This may just be process of elimination, because I can't see him being a champ and winning a title shot. But that is just me.

Overall Good Choice? For the sake of MITB, I will say yes. Shelton is very athletic and experienced in this match, so he will be an odds-on favorite, especially with the choices being made in this match.

Contestant 5: MVP

Pros: I don't think I have ever watched an MVP match. But with his rivalry with Shelton Benjamin, it's a good way to show up one another. Also, MVP hasn't really established himself has main event material, this is a good way to start.

Cons: I'm just not a fan. MVP has received a nice little push with his Shelton rivalry, but I don't think he is ready for a title run, just not yet.

Overall Good Choice? Eh, depends. I look at it as a filler for the match.

Contestant 6: Finlay

Pros: He's a fan favorite.

Cons: He's just boring.

Overall Good Choice: I'd rather see Evan Bourne, Mysterio, Kingston, or even Big Show. But I guess this what we will see.

There are only two spots left, and WM25 is only 1 month away. This match needs saving (not a pun for Jericho). In order for this match to get better, we need some risktakers and entertainers.

For risk-taking, you got a couple names. Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston come to mind. Mysterio has never participated in MITB, and of course neither have the rookies Kingston and Bourne. All three are entertaining as well as high flyers.

Kingston deserves his shot after it was snatched away from him by Edge. Evan Bourne is a definite shoo-in for a good ECW champion. And a big name like Mysterio is the boost that MITB needs this year.

With risk comes entertainment, and with entertainment, comes suprise. Mr. Kennedy's anticipated return could very well take place in MITB. His title shot was robbed from Edge, someone who I'm sick of holding gold.

Kennedy deserves a shot at the title. MITB has made big names of all the men who have cashed in, and Kennedy needs to be one of them.

But what kind MITB would it be if it wasn't "Extreme." Sure Finlay and Mark Henry are in the match, But come on, we need a real Extremist. I pick Tommy Dreamer to come through and be a participant.

He has the perfect Cinderella story. Win the match and cash in his title shot for the ECW title at One Night Stand. It would be a good last run for Dreamer.

With the days winding down alot can happen and change with this match. With who he have in the match now i guess i really can't call a victor. I WANT Kane to be victorious because he deserves it.

But if I had to pick who I think will win, I'm going with the experience of Shelton Benjamin. He will probably lose the contract to Edge or John Cena, but I still see the WWE choosing him because he's been in three out of four and hasn't won.

There's my MITB predictions. Comments would be great, I enjoy the feedback.

The Legacy Kid,

Jay Rob


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