Lovefest and Legend Killers: Randy Orton-Chris Jericho

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IMarch 4, 2009

Love is in the air. Don't you smell it? It permeates the air with a smell so sweet you just can't resist being taken by it. 

The smell is most pungent when you enter WWE arenas across the country. Fans can smell it through their TV sets when they are watching an episode of Monday Night Raw.   

Yes, there is a lovefest taking over the WWE universe and one man is responsible—Randy Orton.

People love Orton so much they claim to hear voices in their heads. Thousands of fans have gone to their doctors claiming to have I.E.D., the condition Orton has made famous in recent weeks. 

Randy Orton has made it cool to have a disorder that causes uncontrollable fits of rage and violent attacks. 

The attacks on old men and women have spiked recently. Mysteriously all of them have claimed to have concussions from a "punt" to the head by complete strangers who hum the melody to the song "Voices" as they run away, shocked by what they have done. 

Randy Orton is the "it" guy in WWE these days and my question is why?

Is it because fans are "blinded by love?"

There is no denying Orton's talent. He's going to be a superstar in this business for a long time.   

He is set to main event his second straight Wrestlemania. He is involved in one of the most intense feuds we have seen in the WWE in a while. 

He is on top of his game. Maybe on top of "The Game." He is one of the best heels in the WWE, but in my opinion not the best heel in the organization. 

That distinction my friends belongs to Chris Jericho. 

Once the funny, outgoing, and charismatic character known as Y2J, Chris Jericho has changed. He's turned his back on the "Jericholics" and now looks out for the only person that matters—himself.

No longer does Jericho wear colorful tights and sequenced jackets. He now wears a suit when he is addressing the crowd.

Out with the long, wacky hair. In with the short, dark haircut. 

Jericho has transformed himself into a character that WWE fans love to hate. 

In addition to all of this, he may have stolen the moniker of "Legend Killer" from Randy Orton. 

While Orton is involved in an intense feud with Triple H and the McMahons, Jericho is involved in a very interesting one of his own. 

He has physically and verbally assaulted a who's who of WWE legends in a storyline that gets more interesting by the week. 

In "Goldberg" like fashion, Jericho leaves us wondering...who's next? 

But why at this point is Jericho a better heel than Orton? There are a few variables to consider. 

Let's start with the obvious. Jericho has had a longer career. He's more seasoned than Orton. 

Jericho is a better wrestler. Period.

We could argue this point all day but you wouldn't be able to change my mind. Hopefully the "Randy love" hasn't blinded you that much. 

How many matches has Orton had that after the match ended you said, "Wow that was a match that I'll remember for a long time?"

Or better yet how may five-star/classic matches has he had? Probably not many.

Jericho has had classics with Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and Christian just to name a few. I'm not even considering Jericho's WCW days because that wouldn't be fair to Orton. 

People in this wrestling community let John Cena have it because he only has five holds/moves. 

And Orton has how many?

Here is a typical rundown of Orton's moveset: punch, kick, punch, inverted backbreaker, RKO, punt to the skull. Oh and he does that thing where he beats on the mat with his fists as the veins pop out of his neck.

Not really a move but people love it! It's so cool. He's a viper!   

Another feather in Jericho's cap is his mic skills and the ability to make the crowd hate him.

Granted the fans are not "in love" with Jericho like they are with Orton so it's a little more difficult for Randy to get the crowd to boo him.

Hell, Orton has beat up a senior citizen, and a woman and still gets cheers. Chris Brown needs to take notes from Orton. Maybe he could save his career. 

Jericho on the other hand pretty much only gets cheers in Canada (I'm sure he gets a few others too). 

Jericho talks to the crowd like they are beneath them. He calls them parasites, hypocrites, and any other type of loser you can think of. He works a crowd better than any heel currently in the WWE.

Edge is a very close second. 

Orton is not terrible on the mic but finds it hard to get everyone to boo him. He's even admitted in a radio interview that he has to do a better job at getting the crowd to hate him and I agree. 

While Orton may be the WWE's next big star, he can still learn a lot from Chris Jericho. 

Randy Orton is our current "flavor of the month," loved and adored by all of the WWE universe. 

Many are hopeful that his destiny is winning the WWE Championsip at Wrestlemania XXV. 

The "Age of Orton" may be upon us but Chris Jericho is someone we will never, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrr forget. 

Don't forget tonight from 6:00-7:30 p.m. EST will be another exciting edition of "Hit The Ropes" on Tonight's guest will include former WWE Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder and PWA star Gustavo Mendoza. So tune in as you don't want to miss Daris, Demetrus, and America's No. 1 Hulkamaniac Shane talk some wrestling with today's biggest stars!! 


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