WWE Night of Champions 2012: Eve Beat Layla and What It Means

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 17, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

At WWE's Night of Champions in Boston, Eve defeated Layla with a neckbreaker to become a three-time Divas Champion.

Yes, you read that right. Eve, not Kaitlyn, who was the No. 1 contender and expected to get the shot on this show.

You see, Kaitlyn was written out of her match with Divas Champion Layla. Per the storyline, she was attacked by a mystery assailant, leaving with with an injured ankle and unable to compete in the match. Poor Kaitlyn, doing her best Nancy Kerrigan impersonation, was a sobbing wreck backstage.

Frankly, no one can be that surprised that management made the call to replace her. After all, the NXT star reportedly only ever got the shot in the first place due to a botch in the women's battle royal for the No. 1 contender ship. (Eve, who along with with Kaitlyn was one of the final two competitors in the bout, was originally meant to win, but a botched clothesline spot meant she accidentally fell to the floor instead of the apron, as was the plan.)

It clearly wasn't in WWE's plans for Kaitlyn to be in the title scene, so why should she actually get the shot at the Night of Champions pay-per-view?

Her poor wrestling probably didn't help matters either.

The sad fact is, Kaitlyn, a former model who signed with WWE in 2010, showed herself to be outclassed and inexperienced, even by the low standards of the company's women's division.

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(Her disastrous singles match on Raw two weeks ago, against Eve, is easily a contender for Worst Match of the Year).

Maybe with a few more years training she can blossom into a good women's wrestler, similar to Trish Strauts, another model turned in-ring competitor, but for the moment this is an area in which she is sorely lacking.

So, on this occasion at least, it was better that the match was changed last minute.

Eve, who got awarded the shot by SmackDown GM Booker T instead is simply a more efficient, more accomplished wrestler. And, while the match wasn't a classic by any means, Eve vs. Layla was still a far better bout than Layla/Kaitlyn likely would have been (which had the potential to be atrocious, going by some of Kaitlyn's recent bouts).

No doubt it will soon be unveiled in the storyline that Eve was behind the assault on Kaitlyn. After all, no one truly buys that she has turned over a new leaf and she benefited from the incident more than anyone. This will probably be treated on TV as a shocking reveal. (Honestly, this is so obvious, it would be more of a swerve if they revealed she wasn't behind it.)

So, with her new title around her waist, it appears that Eve will be WWE's top female heel wrestler. Going forward, Eve vs. Layla looks to be the feud that will dominate the women's division, with Layla trying to get her title back.

This makes sense. Both women have enough talent, charisma and wrestling skill to make any program they have worth watching. Layla/Eve may even be the angle that turns around the flagging women's division.

Indeed, not only has Eve's win at Night of Champions bolstered her career, it may also have revived Layla's. Frankly, Layla was having a tepid, forgettable reign until now, often missing episodes of Raw and SmackDown and lacking involvement in any decent storylines. 

At least now, in chasing Eve for the title, she has the chance to be involved in something meaningful that will interest people. (She can also claim she is out for revenge for what Eve did to Kaitlyn.) The loss here is good for her.

So, all things considered, after the PPV, there are interesting times ahead for the Divas division.

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