10 Reasons the Raiders Have the Best Fans in the NFL

Max RauschSenior Writer IISeptember 17, 2012

10 Reasons the Raiders Have the Best Fans in the NFL

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    Raiders fans are known the world round as the rowdiest most extreme, passionate and devoted fans in all of sports.  Ever hear a sports anchor refer to Red Sox Nation or [insert team name here] Nation well, they got that idea from the Raiders. Here are ten more reasons the Raiders have the best fans in the NFL.

Raider Nation

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    The Raiders are the only team in the NFL with two home cities.  Nobody in Houston roots for the Titans and not a single member of the Dawg Pound embraced the Ravens after Art Modell ditched Cleveland for crab cakes and a waterfront stadium. When the Raiders moved to LA fans from the Bay Area were known to drive over 400 miles to see their team play. To this day, the Raiders are the only franchise to boast two geographically distinct hubs.

Intimidation Factor

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    Like Machiavelli and Tupac Raiders fans know it is better to be feared than loved.  Regardless of how tough a football player is I doubt they want to get too close to these guys.  

The Autumn Wind

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    The NFL films song that started the Raider Mystique and the anthem for Raider Nation.  If this doesn’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up you might want to check for your pulse.    

Celebrity Fans

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    Tiger Woods, Magic Johnson, Santana, Tom Hanks and Jessica Alba, just to name a few.  You’ve got it all on that list; the greatest golfer of all time, a basketball Icon, the greatest guitarist ever and the biggest box office draw of the last 50 years.  If those guys don’t get my point across, I’m pretty sure Jessica Alba will.   Hat tip to Ice Cube and MC Hammer. 


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    Old School Raiders had some of the most badass nicknames in NFL history.  I don’t think John Madden would let a player on the field unless they had a nickname worthy of Dr. Death, The Assassin, or The Snake.   While there hasn’t been a good Raider nickname since Chucky; Raider Rob, Gorilla Rilla and the rest of Raider Nation have kept the tradition alive in the stands.


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    Raiders fans have made it through the Immaculate Reception, The Tuck Rule, two re-locations and Jamarcus Russell; proving that once you bleed Silver and Black you never go back. 


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    Raiders fans have a built in advantage with the pirate theme.  But, it still requires some impressive creativity and execution to come up with stuff like this.  Total commitment to the bit.   


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    While sometimes misguided, the loyalty of the members of Raider Nation can never be questioned.   Check this guy out; he’s wearing it.  

The James Dean Factor

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    In the Raiders’ glory days they made a name for themselves as the outcast crew that got the job done and almost perfectly personified the Rebel-without-a-cause image. For years, Raider Nation has embodied the rebellious nature that Mr. Davis and his original crew of misfits made famous. 

The Black Hole

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    Without a doubt, the most notorious fan organization in sports.  They even have an official website with chapters throughout California and as far east as New York and Philadelphia.