"On My Wrestling Soapbox": The Third

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2009

This article is dedicated to a man in denial.  A man who has turned his back on his "hero".  This article is dedicated to a former Hulkamaniac.  A man who as of yesterday is no longer a member of the Hulkamania fan club.  His card has been revoked.  That man's name is Shane Howard.  This one's for you pal.....LMAO!!

Hello ladies and gentleman!  Your neighborhood Hulkamaniac here with another edition of O.M.W.S.

If you missed yesterday's edition of the number one wrestling show in the free world "Hit The Ropes", you missed a show that absolutely reeked of awesomeness! 

On HTR, Shane, Daris and I discussed Hulk Hogan and his potential involvement at Wrestlemania 25. 

There seems to be a consensus amongst a lot of people here on B/R that Hogan has no place at "The Granddaddy of Them All". 

I say to those people......BLASPHEMY!! 

Hulk Hogan not being involved in Wrestlemania is like Bobby Brown not being involved in a New Edition reunion.  It's just not right! 

I've heard all the arguments.  Hogan doesn't want to put anyone over.  Hogan wants the spotlight.  Hogan only has three moves.  Hogan's 165 years-old. 

While all these may be true we seem to forget one thing....

Without Hulk Hogan, there would be no Wrestlemania let alone the 25th anniversary of the event.    

Some people may deny this but it's true.  It's damn true!

Sure it was Vince McMahon's vision but he needed a superstar to carry out his vision.  Hogan was that man. 

Hogan has stated that he would be willing to put his opponent over in a match.  He put The Rock....er....Dwayne (more on this later) over at Wrestlemania X8 and became even more popular with fans. 

In addition to this, like it or not, he is still a draw.  People buy tickets to see this guy.  Why do you think his name comes up for an appearance every time we get close to Mania? 

Whether he wrestles in a match is up for debate but he at least needs to be there.  The WWE and fans owe that to him. 

Moving on.....

I know he has wrestled in squash matches but haven't you been impressed with Tyson Kidd the newest star on ECW? 

This kid (no pun intended) can wrestle and he seems to already have a little swagger (another pun not intended) as well.  Not to mention he has one of the coolest haircuts in the WWE. 

With or without DH Smith joining them, I look for big things from Kidd and Natalya. 

Speaking of ECW, I really enjoyed the Championship match between Christian and Jack Swagger. 

There's no denying that Swagger can wrestle, he was just a bit boring to me.  After Tuesday's match, maybe there's hope for him after all.

Christian proved that he can bring out the best in Swagger. These two guys along with Tyson Kidd could inject some life into a show (ECW) that's been lifeless.  

What's next for Christian?  Will he get a rematch with Swagger at Wrestlemania?  Will he be in the MITB ladder match?  Will he wrestle Hulk Hogan? (just kidding)  I guess we'll have to continue to watch ECW to find out. 

In other WWE news...

Much to the delight of Joe Burgett (I instantly will get 300 reads for the name drop) Manu has been released from the WWE. 

The reasons I'm hearing is because they didn't like his in-ring work and his overall look. 

By overall look I take that the WWE means he's fat.  My question is what's wrong with that? 

Kamala was fat, Tugboat was fat, Earthquake was fat, Yokozuna...ok you get the point.

Why not just say we have Umaga and we don't need another fat Samoan wrestler on the roster. 

In any event it's sad to see someone lose employment.  Manu never really got a chance to prove himself and that's a shame. 

On to TNA...

I wrote an article on the empty arena match so no need to rehash.  Hopefully you all checked it out. 

I am proud of TNA for defeating ECW for a second week in a row in the ratings.  I guess you have to crawl before you can walk.

TNA has several stars and ECW has exactly three and TNA finally won the ratings war!  WHOO HOO!!

TNA, keep doing what you're doing and by that I mean showcasing your young talent. 

Build around Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and the rest of the great talent. 

It's about time for WCW Nitro Jr. to end. 

Shout out to my new favorite tag team the Motor City Machine Guns!!  Yes I'm a homer...so what! 

Finally, Dwayne has come back to Monday Night RAW......

Did you all enjoy Dwayne Johnson's promo for his new movie on RAW this week? 

Who is Dwayne Johnson you ask?

He WAS the jabroni beating, pie eating, people's champ known to wrestling fans as The Rock.

Now he's Dwayne "the handsome guy" Johnson??  WTF??

Dwayne, congrats on your successful movie career.  My kid loved "The Game Plan" and I'm sure he'll be begging me to see  "Race to Witch Mountain."

But you do realize that the promo for your movie ran during Monday Night RAW?  You know the show that made you famous? 

The man that talked during that promo sure did look like The Rock.  To wrestling fans like me, however, you looked like a complete stranger. 

You didn't have to be the over-the-top character that The Rock was.  But introducing yourself as The Rock for an audience that...well knows you as The Rock wouldn't have killed you would it?   

I know that Hollywood frowns upon professional wrestling.  Hell, Mickey Rourke back pedaled faster than a Michael Jackson moonwalk when he was told that participating in a match at Wrestlemania could ruin his chance to win an Oscar. 

But Rocky...I'm sorry...Dwayne you are about as close to winning an Oscar as I am to a date with Beyonce. 

And to prove my point I have one word for you.  "Doom".  The defense rest!

No I'm not bitter (Shane) but my Grandmother used to say "never bite the hand that feeds you". 

My hand still hurts a bit.

If you missed this weeks edition of HTR it's a must listen!!  Go onto www.blogtalkradio.com/HitTheRopesRadioShow and listen to our exclusive interview with ROH's Brent Albright.  We also have a very entertaining interview with a star from Booker T's PWA.  You have to hear this one!!   

Next week we'll be talking to former WWE Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder and there may be a surprise guest or two.  So you have to listen EVERY WEDNESDAY as we bring you 90 minutes of wrestling joy from 6:00-7:30pm (est).   


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