WWE SummerSlam 2012: Leaving Randy Orton Out Is a Huge Mistake

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIAugust 15, 2012

Photo from www.my.opera.com
Photo from www.my.opera.com

SummerSlam 2012 looks to be stacked with quality matches, and the expected talent working the event is something that has all of the wrestling world buzzing.

I believe that this year's event has the potential to be one of the best in many years, but there is one guy that the company has decided to leave off the card due to his prior suspension, and that man is none other than Randy Orton.

I do not agree with a performer taking steroids in this era, as there are so many other safe and welcomed options to stay in shape. But to punish your third-biggest draw in the company in order to make a point is just senseless in my book.

Randy Orton did serve his sixty-day suspension and should not have to deal with even more punishment in order to make the company look better to the modern fan.

The WWE has to make their second-biggest pay-per-view event a success every year, so usually the best way to do that is to use your top talent. Leaving Orton off the card is a huge mistake by the WWE.

Randy Orton is a bona-fide legend in this business, and is a guy who can wrestle just about anyone and have a great match. I think the WWE could have used Orton to show his talent on a grand stage like SummerSlam.

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If the WWE would have wanted to provide the best wrestling on the card, I believe that they could have placed him against one of the best pure wrestlers in the company right now—Daniel Bryan. Look, Orton and Bryan have had one match against each other before, and that match was very solid—it could have something special if it was on a pay-per-view.

I believe that Orton would have been a much better option than Kane was, as Kane isn't the same guy he was just a few years ago. Orton has much better potential to perform inside of the ring than Kane, and could have easily filled in the shoes of the babyface in almost a senseless feud (as we have seen in the whole A.J. versus Daniel Bryan saga).

Now if the WWE needed to just spice up a main event match, then they should have thrown Orton into the world title match with Sheamus and Del Rio, thus making it a triple threat match. Del Rio versus Sheamus has been a feud that fans and wrestling critics have been very critical of by using words like "dull" and "boring" to describe their promos and in-ring work.

I don't understand why the WWE went ahead and used the same unpopular match they had at Money In The Bank for the biggest event of the summer. I feel that Orton would have been something fresh and different, thus saving this feud instead of killing it.

There were so many different options that the WWE had with Orton when he returned just a few weeks ago. The WWE really dropped the ball with using their big draw on SmackDown in order to prove a point. I feel that moves like this is why the WWE is starting to grow unpopular with some fans, and it's a move that makes writers like me feel so frustrated with the product that I have loved for so many years.

I hope the WWE will move on after SummerSlam and try to use Orton in more of a positive direction, instead of using him as a main event filler.