Toronto Raptors: 6 Reasons Fans Should Tune in to 2012

Jeff Langridge@@JeffLangridge1Correspondent IIIAugust 6, 2012

Toronto Raptors: 6 Reasons Fans Should Tune in to 2012

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    It has been an interesting offseason for the Toronto Raptors. In many ways, more happened to improve the team than in any other offseason prior.

    General manager Bryan Colangelo had his best offseason in charge. It wasn't the best of all the teams in the NBA, but Colangelo did his best to make sure the Raptors won't be pushovers this season.

    The team was active in free agency, made the necessary trades and went after the biggest free agent of the offseason in Steve Nash. While they were unsuccessful in landing him, Colangelo showed that he is not afraid to go after the big name.

    This all leads to what could be a very exciting season for the Raptors.

    Here are six reasons to tune into the 2012-13 Toronto Raptors season.

Bryan Colangelo Actually Went out and Did Something

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    As I mentioned in the introduction, Bryan Colangelo's biggest move of the season was not acquiring Steve Nash.

    While it would have been great for Toronto to acquire the former Phoenix Suns star, his decision to go to Los Angeles was ultimately his own and the Raptors can't be faulted. The team offered him more money than anyone. Nash simply decided not to take it.

    After that, Bryan Colangelo and the Raptors made sure they weren't going to go home with nothing. The following two slides detail the team's great summer of acquisitions.

Free-Agent Additions

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    The Raptors only made two free-agent signings, but they are by no means duds. The team went out and signed restricted free agent Landry Fields, formerly of the New York Knicks, to an offer sheet that was not matched. At 23 years of age, Fields will be a big part of the Raptors for a long time.

    That was followed by a depth signing of John Lucas III. While he is not a big piece for the future, he will provide valuable experience for a very young Raptors team.

Kyle Lowry

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    After failing to land Steve Nash, the Raptors secured second choice Kyle Lowry quickly.

    After discussing a trade for the disgruntled Houston Rocket during the draft (via Doug Smith of the teams made a deal shortly after the announcement of the Nash deal.

    While he doesn't possess the same talent as Nash, Lowry is sure to be an upgrade at the point guard position over Jose Calderon, The Spaniard looks like he has finally outworn his welcome.

    At 26, Lowry is still young enough to grow with the team, and still provide experience.

Jonas Valanciunas

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    Currently taking part in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Jonas Valanciunas will finally make his way across the Atlantic and join the Toronto Raptors for this upcoming season.

    The young Lithuanian is coming over with a lot of hype. If he lives up to it, the Raptors will be in a very good position.

    The Raptors have waited a year for their fifth overall pick from the 2011 draft. The team and the fans can only hope it will be worth it.

Terrence Ross

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    When I saw Terrence Ross was drafted by the Raptors ahead of some bigger names, such as Austin Rivers, I was decidedly disappointed.

    However, after hearing how Ross performed in the summer league, I have softened my view on the 6'6" shooting guard.

    He will most likely start the season on the bench, but if he continues to work hard, he could be starting at some point in the year.

Another Year of Development for DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis

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    After looking at two of Toronto's rookies, we now look at two of Toronto's youngest players already on the roster.

    DeMar DeRozan has developed into the Raptors' most exciting player, and another year of development will only make him better.

    Ed Davis, on the other hand, has underachieved in his two seasons with the Raptors. Davis needs to vastly improve this season to prove he belongs.


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    The Toronto Raptors are not a lock to make the playoffs this year. That being said, the team has the makings to be exciting, and need only slightly overachieve to reach the playoffs.

    Landry Fields, Kyle Lowry, Jonas Valanciunas, Terrence Ross, DeMar DeRozan and Ed Davis are the future of the Toronto Raptors, and it starts this season.