MLB Trade Speculation: 5 Big-Name Players Who'll Still Be Traded by August 31

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2012

MLB Trade Speculation: 5 Big-Name Players Who'll Still Be Traded by August 31

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    Although the MLB trade deadline has already passed, that does not mean that big names cannot still be changing uniforms during this August trade deadline. For a full explanation of the waiver trade deadline process, check out this excellent piece by Matt Snyder over at CBS Sports.

    There are a few big-name players that will be placed on waivers over the coming days, and as the rules dictate, if no one claims them and their massive salaries, then they can be dealt to any team in the league.

    As playoff races get tighter and tighter, teams will be looking for that one final piece that could push them over the edge. And they could go after one of these big names.

Carlos Lee

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    The Miami Marlins traded for Carlos Lee earlier this season when it looked like they had a chance to make the playoffs. Miami has since done a complete 180 and has traded away some of its best players.

    Lee is now on waivers, and he could be the next player to go (h/t Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports). Lee could serve as a power hitter for an American League team with pennant hopes.

Carl Crawford

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    Before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, the Boston Red Sox were trying to find a place to free themselves of Carl Crawford, writes Ken Rosenthal. They were unable to find any takers.

    Crawford has been placed on waivers by the Red Sox, and it should not be a surprise if he goes through unclaimed. Sox owner John Henry once claimed he was never a big fan of the signing, but was forced to concede he ultimately backed the decision.

    Boston undoubtedly will not be giving up in its efforts to dump Crawford's generous contract.

Cliff Lee

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    The Philadelphia Phillies have already placed Cliff Lee on waivers, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports.

    The star southpaw and former Cy Young winner has a chance to clear through waivers because of the fact that he has $75 million guaranteed over the next three years and a $27.5 million option for 2016.

    Lee would fit in to almost every contender's starting rotation. The Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees could all try to go after Lee over the course of the next few weeks as they try to really bolster their shot at a World Series.

Stephen Drew

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    Stephen Drew has not played much over the past two seasons due to a painfully unfortunate run-in with the disable list, but he is still a pretty good and serviceable shortstop.

    A number of teams would be interested in adding Drew to their infield and lineup.

    They may have the opportunity to add the free agent-to-be via trade, according to Buster Olney of ESPN (Insider required), who considers Drew to be a possible trade candidate.

Josh Beckett

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    The Boston Red Sox were making a big push to deal Josh Beckett before the July deadline.

    But as one executive correctly predicted, no one would take him without the Red Sox eating a significant part of his remaining contract (h/t Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston).

    Boston will likely place him on waivers and then look to deal him.